4 ways to overcome panic attacks and fear

ways to overcome panic attacks and fear

ways to overcome panic attacks and fear-Many of us are in times of thinking or psychological pressure, or if they went through certain situations that caused tension or anxiety by going through panic attacks or what is known as panic attacks and in order to know what these panic attacks are and how to deal with them and get rid of them, follow up with Hawa girls this article.

4 ways to overcome panic attacks and panic attacks

What is a panic attack?

In a theory that says that the concept of these panic attacks was inherited from our ancestors for a long time, and in which the body is in situations of fear or danger, ready and high in adrenaline and preparing to flee or attack, and this causes rapid breathing rates, rapid heartbeats, sweating and excessive sweating, and any A stressful situation may lead to a panic attack even if this situation does not threaten your life in any way.

What are the symptoms?

1- Panic attacks occur and go in intermittent intervals, about every 5 to 10 minutes during the situation that causes the seizure.

2- After a panic attack or fear, your whole body will remain in a state of extreme fatigue and exhaustion, which means that your mind was ready to face a real danger and thus it used all the energy to face this danger.

3- People who suffer from frequent panic attacks feel almost chronic pain in their body.

4- During panic attacks, you may experience mild hallucinations, such that you do not know where you are or the picture appears as if you see everything from the side.

What should you do?

Don’t worry, there is no real danger to your health from these panic attacks, and in a way you can control these attacks:

1- Remember that a panic attack will not make you conscious or die.

2- Try to go to a quiet place.

3- My cheeks are more than a deep breath.

4- Focus on a specific muscle and stretch it, and in two dimensions, it will relax more than once.

How do you overcome it forever?
1- Try to get away from any situation that causes you tension and anxiety.

2- Do how to relax and try to grow up in bed at certain times in order to sleep deeply. Take regular breaks every day. Eat healthy.

3- See a doctor and do a check up on your whole body.

4- Try to find a rational reason to explain why these seizures happen.