5 experiences worth taking for your marriage

5 experiences worth taking for your marriage

experiences worth taking for your marriage-When you feel tired, stressed, or even bored, problems may arise between you and your husband, which quickly turn into marriage fights that consume your energy.

Your energy, which is used up in petty fights, is best directed to fight other wars that benefit and improve your marriage. Here are 5 wars worth throwing your energy into and fighting for your marriage.

1- Fight for the best apology

When you encounter a problem with your husband, you are eager to hear an apology from him, but have you thought if his apology was genuine, and he understands that you are really upset?

Do not hesitate to fight wars in order to obtain a real apology. First, start by making a generous apology when you do wrong, and talk to your husband about the importance of listening to your point of view,

knowing the reason for your anger and supporting your feelings, so that he can offer you a better apology when a problem arises between you.

2- Fight for each of you to smile

Whether in times of anger, or when your husband returns home in a bad mood because of a difficult day, in all difficult times you have to fight a war to put a smile on your husband’s face.

5 experiences worth taking for your marriage

Smiling fights sadness, anger and tension, and teaches your husband to treat you the same way when you are angry or in an unfortunate mood.

3- Fight for the celebrations in your marriage

Do not wait for an occasion to celebrate with your husband, you must establish the principle of celebration in your marriage, celebrate with your husband on anything, no matter how simple, celebrations spread joy in your married life, and create beautiful memories for you both.

4- Fight to pass the evils of jealousy

It is possible for your husband to feel jealous from time to time, and these feelings provoke your anger because they make you feel trapped, but you have to fight your anger from your husband’s jealousy, dismiss your negative thoughts,

focus on seeking excuses for your husband and appreciating his feelings and the reasons that led to his feeling of jealousy.

5- Fight for intimacy

Intimacy is the basis of a stable married life, so fight for regularity and continual improvement in intimacy.

Successful relationships are closely related to the success of people’s professional lives, and it is considered one of the most important things that lead individuals to a healthy and ideal life,

and people who are able to establish these successful and strong relationships in life possess special and distinct abilities that help them build long-term relationships.

There are many things to create a successful love relationship, including:
The skill of listening – the ability to listen enhances the relationship,

as it is one of the most important foundations for a successful relationship, as good listening gives the other party a sense of its importance and value, in addition to it enabling him to carry out a meaningful and successful dialogue.

Mutual trust – trust is the basis of relationships in life, it is not possible to continue in a relationship devoid of trust, and it is through a feeling of reassurance and lack of fear and suspicion of the feelings and actions of the other party, which makes both parties lead a calm and reassuring life.

Time Allocation – To build it properly and properly, strong and successful relationships need a lot of time and effort; It may be through inviting a beloved to go out and spend time with him.