8 things to understand the mysterious Husband

Mysterious Husband, A Brazilian study of the “Onepan” institute, affiliated with the university of the same name, said that the truth indicates that the two sexes confuse each other from many aspects of personality. 


There is no doubt that each confusion has its intensity, but many international studies and statistics, especially the American ones, indicate that the man is the party who complains more about the lack of understanding of the woman, and this results in a lot of confusion and confusion he has about the soft sex. 


But this does not mean that women do not feel puzzled by the personalities of some men, because they are because of their strongest intelligence and emotional maturity. She can absorb the confusion that she feels, and give the interpretations that her mind accepts. 


She can also guess many men’s behaviors through the sixth sense, which they say is related to women.But the man tries to justify his lack of deep understanding of women, and thus he can become puzzled by many female behaviors; Because it collides with the wall of his inability to absorb it.


Women say that most common men cannot hide what they do or what they’re thinking for long; Because everything appears on their face, or spontaneous slips of the tongue anticipate them. 


This is what makes women less confused than men. But if the man is mysterious or closed in himself; The woman also stands confused about his behavior and thinking, so what would baffle a woman if the man was ambiguous or closed in on himself?


Confusing questions for women who are confused about mysterious Husband:

First: Does he respect me or not?

The woman stands confused before a mysterious man; He shows mixed reactions to her, sometimes she feels that he respects her, and other times you think that he does not respect her. This confusion is very annoying for women who do not like lying and pretending.


Advice: You think that the mysterious Husband you are dealing with is pretending about things, when in fact he is a different person, and know that it is an unpleasant confusion.


Second: Does my mysterious Husband consider me beautiful or not?

Confusion about this matter is the most weighty for a woman, that is, not feeling that she is considered beautiful in the eyes of this or that man. And the man’s failure to express his opinion frankly, because of the ambiguity surrounding his personality, the woman who is with him a wife or fiancée feels confused.


Advice: Not feeling beautiful to others is something that hurts and disturbs you psychologically. Try to treat it if you are not beautiful. Confidence in yourself, and acceptance of yourself as it is.


Third: Does he appreciate me or not?

Women also love to be appreciated by others, especially men, because that satisfies their self-worth, so if the man is mysterious and closed-minded, he will not pay much attention to the woman’s efforts and role in life.


Advice: In this case, you will be confused when you do not know or not improve that the man close to you as a friend or husband or as a future partner respects you as a female and as a woman, but the excessive confusion will make you ridicule of others! He shakes your options, so be careful so that others don’t get bored of you.

8 things to understand the mysterious Husband

Fourth: Is he loyal to me, or not?

A woman becomes very frustrated when she does not feel that the man in front of her is loyal and honest with her. But when you don’t quite know it; Because a man has nothing to say, she is vulnerable to great confusion.


Advice: Feeling unfaithful to others will make you feel that you are not very important in his life.


Fifth: Does he share my thinking about the future, or not?

The issue of the future of a mysterious Husband and a woman who will spend a long life under one roof is very important, and if the woman does not feel that the man who is with her or will be with her as a partner that the future matters to him, she will panic, and think that their lives will be on the palm of the goblin without planning for the future.


Advice: There are men who do not like to reveal anything about the future plans in their heads, which leaves you in an annoying confusion, and this is normal.


Sixth: Does he like to support me or not?

The issue of women receiving support, especially moral support from men, strengthens your self-confidence and makes you feel safe. 


But when the man is not clear in this area, the woman becomes confused, and begins to think about whether the man in front of her would like to support her when needed or not.


Advice: Ask him to provide support, as this will keep you from feeling inferior.


Seventh: Can I open my chest to my mysterious Husband or not?

The study indicated that women like to relieve themselves of worries, and that is why they need someone to trust. To get all the words out of her chest has become a burden that keeps her awake at night.


Advice: The issue here is about trust, which takes perhaps a long time to build. If the man does not give you confidence, he will make you confused, torment and suffer from suppression, so try to be close to him and keep his secrets.


Eighth: Does he dedicate himself to a serious relationship, or not?

When a woman is in a relationship with a man, he will be her future partner, she desires to feel that he is devoting himself to a serious relationship, but there are men who do not always reveal their inner feelings, and they may leave things to guess.


Advice: This will make you end the marital engagement project if the man does not show seriousness about the relationship with you, so do not regret that if you feel that he is manipulating words.


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