9 Signs that you have a relationship with a narcissist

woman seems in relationship with a narcissist
You think your partner is narcissistic? The person with this disorder will often be friendly and attractive at first and often appear as reserved and endowed with a certain talent for flattery. And very often, this person will give the appearance of being superior to others and will express an intense desire to be admired. She will not feel uncomfortable hurting others and will manipulate her loved ones to satisfy her own needs. The essential traits that allow you to detect this personality disorder are described in this article.

A person suffering from a narcissistic personality disorder is a person who values himself by belittling others, because he usually has a degrading image of herself. Even if, to date, nothing is scientifically proven, this disorder could have its origin in a dysfunctional childhood (overprotected childhood, parents with oversized expectations or an abused or neglected childhood) or in a neurobiological or genetic disorder.

Narcissistic violence

People with narcissistic personality disorders inflict narcissistic violence on their partner and loved ones, which is emotional and psychological. Unable to account for their actions, the most common violence of narcissists is to make their partner responsible for all their ills.

Here is a set of 9 character traits that allow you to find out if your partner is suffering from a narcissistic disorder:

1 – Your partner is extremely egotistical and lacks empathy

Narcissists tend to be very concerned about the needs and feelings of their partners, making their concerns essential to what others can do for them. This tendency is generally associated with their weak capacity for empathy. Victims of narcissistic behavior will remain perplexed because narcissists deliberately know how to behave and please but voluntarily choose not to do so, which makes it more difficult to avoid this toxic relationship.

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2 – Your partner is arrogant and egocentric

Narcissists are egocentric in essence and consider themselves to be considered above average. They will sometimes seek to exaggerate their achievements or to invent extraordinary stories of which they will be the heroes. While experiencing a deep resentment towards them, they will sometimes look for company or comparison with other people they will consider as equally exceptional.

3 – Your partner has an insatiable need for respect and adulation for his actions

Narcissists need their ego to be constantly flattered by their partner. They are also obsessed with illusions of power, status, and intellect, because it is necessary for them to feed their needs of meaning that are often meaningless.

4 – Your partner affirms and expresses his power and dominion

Having a sense of self that is fragile, narcissists are obsessed with the power and control they can exercise over others. Professionally and socially, they will seek to exercise power functions and to rub shoulders with people inclined to obey them. Forcing others to do things their own way, and having a certain influence on situations reinforces their ongoing need to prove their importance. They will also appreciate partners with strong personalities with the challenge of being able to break them.

5 – Your partner has an exacerbated feeling of being entitled to different types of respect, including immediate respect

Narcissists demand immediate respect, a right to unconditional and automatic love and compassion, but do not feel the same obligations to others. They often feel aggrieved as if the world owes them something special all the time. This attitude is malignant and unhealthy.

6 – Your partner feels jealousy of other people’s success

It is the same for their perception of life. For them, an accomplished person is a threat to their superiority and represents a competitor. Narcissists are often childish, jealous and petty because they are constantly competing with others. They imagine that everyone is jealous of them.

7 – Your partner is vindictive and aggressive

Narcissists have a lot of resentment and immature emotional development. They are very unpredictable. They like to pretend to be eternal victims, and like to plot and take revenge on others. They are also often passive and aggressive .

8 – Your partner is hypersensitive and permanently in a defensive mode

Narcissists are impervious to criticism and perceive any judgment of others concerning them as a threat and an insult. They will also tend to be extremely upset at the slightest suggestion that their partner makes to them, whether he expresses his opinion or his disagreement.

9 – Your partner has a changing personality

In addition to a deficit of deep character, narcissists adopt behaviors alternating kindness and cruelty. Their opinions also fluctuate in view of the situation in which they find themselves, their purpose being to benefit from the position they take at such and such a time.

If your partner has one or more of these 9 traits, you are likely to be in a toxic relationship and abused. It is time for you to consider a healthy exit.

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