90 Percent of all RELATIONSHIPS will fail

couple setting near the body of water maybe their relationship will fail

90 Percent of all relationships will fail..

As I sit here and get ready to write, I already know that this will be a controversial article, but is it life without a bit of controversy? Throughout life, many people wonder why many of their relationships don’t work long term. They gave their all and put their heart and soul into it, only to end up all alone, exhausted, and having to start all over again. The truth is that this is how it should be, because 90 percent of all relationships will fail. However … they will all succeed.

I can only imagine the expression on your face as you read it. Yes, 90 percent of all relationships fail … To me, to say this doesn’t mean that I’m superficial and I don’t think a relationship can work, because it can, but the question is … For how long?

Relationships are not designed to be a nest of love for all life in which we live happily ever after. They are designed to teach you something. In the learning process, love can come, love can stay and love can go. But regardless of how it turns out, the odds are already stacked against you. When you meet someone, it’s 99 percent that the relationship will fail.

Think back to that first love. For some, those were good memories. Now my question is: where is that person now? Let’s tell the truth. How many people do you know who is the first person they fell in love with? Most people have been with a lot of people since then. However, there are few who are still with that same person, which leaves me to my previous question: for how long? There have been many people married for over 25 years and yes, this is a special thing, but that doesn’t mean they were meant to be together. It could mean that over the years they simply got used to one another and simply accepted things for what they were. If so, that relationship is not a success. Neither of them is really happy, they simply conformed to something they accepted. There are also people married for over 25 years and divorced. But the other side of the coin is that they are happy and deeply in love, and will live happily ever after.

When you are older, you are usually tired of games and are ready to settle down and meet someone special, but it will never happen. Go on date after date and you wonder why you didn’t meet “l” # one and start wondering if it’s something wrong with you. This is when prayers to God begin to happen. And it will seem, the more you pray, the more failures you have.

If you have a bad relationship now, ask yourself why? How long have you been in the relationship? Finally, why are you still there? If someone else asks you this, and when you answer and get the “deer in the center of the lighthouse” look, it’s usually because your answers only make sense to you and nobody else. You’re trying to make something work that shouldn’t work.

Every person you meet and establish a relationship with is not a person you should be with in the long term. Every person enters your lives for a particular reason. The problem arises when you try to take that temporary person and make it permanent. A person who comes into contact with a single purpose could be just to teach you something and when it is taught to you, its work is finished. However, there is a problem that holds it back and passes through unnecessary pain and stress because you don’t want to let it go now realizing you’ve developed the damn thing called love, but not realizing that you’ll meet other people who will teach you more things. Some will teach you how to love, how to feel pain, how to recover and how to be strong, just to name a few. You will also meet people who are not designed for you, but are meant for your child, your friend or another loved one. Regardless of the reason, everyone has his special purpose in your life, but you change it when you ignore all the negative signs, and try to make it more than it should be.

Life will take you despite many twists. In some of these shifts, you should go left instead of right, which will take you to another location that may not have been designed for you at the time. But, no matter where it takes you, it will certainly lead you to a relationship. And, 90% of the time, the relationship will fail, but … the purpose of the relationship will always succeed.

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