Abusive relationship, 15 strong signs that you are in an abusive relationship

It has become common to see large numbers of young people in emotionally abusive relationship these days. So, today we review some behavioral patterns that will assure you that it is time to seek help and get out of this toxic relationship.


In an abusive relationship, the man may or may not be mistreating the woman; it is often common for women to mistreat men in their relationships.


What does it really mean to be in an abusive relationship?

Spanking is not necessary to categorize the relationship as the offending. Humiliation, lack of respect, insults, blame, manipulation, or trying to gain control are all signs that your partner is mistreating you.


If you are in a relationship and you find yourself wondering if you are in an abusive relationship, or if others such as friends and family express their concerns, you should immediately think rationally and not allow your heart and feelings to control your decisions and thoughts.


As I indicated above, the abusive relationship is not only when a partner hits you, and several patterns and warning signs are indicating that your partner is mistreating you, including:


  1. Control overly to protect you
  2. It separates you from family and friends
  3. Swings from affectionate to tough
  4. Lacks sympathy
  5. He controls all financial affairs
  6. Extremely jealous and possessive
  7. He has mood explosions
  8. It controls your choices
  9. Monitors phones and devices
  10. Verbal or physical insults and attacks
  11. Threatens to harm you
  12. He insists on being always with you
  13. Hypersensitive or constantly playing the victim
  14. He hides his lack of self-confidence from behind the law of supremacy
  15. Too overbearing


One of the important observations that should be made here is that men tend to be more violent than women. But sometimes, the opposite is true.

Abusive relationship, 15 strong signs that you are in an abusive relationship

Men in an abusive relationship

The one thing our society has done for centuries is not acknowledging that men can be victims of relationship abuse, and so can women. There are hundreds of stories where a lady is really abusing a man.


It is extremely difficult for men to admit that they have been attacked. Men who have been abused generally feel more shame than women.


Studies have shown that after being assaulted, people often feel extreme shame.


And the sad part of it all is that in most cases the attackers may believe the attacker’s message, which is usually irreversible: stupid, ugly, flawed, and that no one wants you …


It is very important to always pay close attention to your instincts. Most people who suffer from abuse tend to make excuses for their partner, hoping for things to get better.


Take a few minutes before making excuses for your partner’s harassment and ask yourself, “How do I feel if I turn away from him?” Then answer this question honestly and honestly.


The answer often carries excuses for a partner’s behavior, including:

– “But he’s actually a good person.”

– “He lived a bitter and difficult life”


When you find yourself in a relationship and unable to set healthy boundaries with your partner, it is imperative to put an end to this partnership in order to protect yourself from harm and abuse.


In the end,

Relationship abuse has become a common problem among young people today. The danger is that they are not able to truly discover the emotionally abusive relationship.


If you are reading this article, you may think that you are in a relationship like this. You may feel bad after finding out that your partner exhibits abusive behaviors that are harmful to you.


In this case, you need the help of a professional who has all the necessary tools to help you get out of this situation safely.


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