Anxiety doesn’t just affect your mind, your body does too


Anxiety and tension are among the emotions that affect our health greatly, as they not only affect your mind but also affect your physical health, and according to what was reported by a family doctor in Rochester, Minnesota, USA, that anxiety affects the body and its symptoms include abdominal pain. Chronic, pelvic pain, neck pain, headache, or insomnia.

And Dr. Lin Lili continued, that there are other symptoms that you may think are caused by a health problem, but they may be due to tension, anxiety, and stress, and these symptoms include rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, dizziness, tingling feet, and fatigue.

The difference between anxiety and other health problems

The doctor explained that it is necessary to distinguish between anxiety and other health issues, to come up with a plan to get rid of anxiety of four steps that may be beneficial to you, as well:

Recognize the symptoms

Many people may not realize that anxiety may be the cause of their illness and symptoms, Arthur J. Parsky, professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, said that fears of these diseases may, in turn, lead to an increase in anxiety-related symptoms, which can lead to more fear and then more symptoms.

Try standard anxiety treatments

When people receive appropriate treatment for their anxiety, the symptoms associated with it often go away as well. If you are diagnosed with a panic disorder, your doctor can prescribe CBT, along with antidepressants, later, so you will find the symptoms disappear or improve and you feel less anxiety, or it may work for you. Meditation, yoga and breathing techniques calm anxiety.

Anxiety doesn’t just affect your mind, your body does too

Watch and wait

If you notice symptoms and find that despite using relaxation techniques such as yoga and getting enough sleep, the symptoms persist, it may be due to another disease and not anxiety.

Know when to change your approach

Many of the symptoms associated with anxiety are similar to the symptoms of serious medical problems, and research has found that anxiety can worsen such as heart disease and COPD, so if you find it difficult to determine the cause, seek a doctor who diagnoses other conditions you feel.