Being too nice can cause depression

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You are too nice to others but you feel sad and depressed all the time? There is a link between kindness and depression. Yes, people can be too kind and pay too much attention to others. If you want to overcome your depression, you have to stop letting people walk on your feet all the time.

It’s easier said than done, but you have to defend yourself, and learn to no longer yield. If you don’t want to do something, say it, don’t let someone else push you to do what you don’t want.

Kindness is a virtue that encompasses kindness, gentleness, benevolence, altruism and charitable behavior. Several studies and researches have proved that it is a State of mind advantageous for physical and psychic health. However, abusive kindness can lead to situations that can be painful.

It is necessary to live and work together, in harmony.

You are too nice to others but you feel sad and depressed all the time?

When kindness is excessive, it becomes harmful to oneself. If you are too nice to your Entourage and feel sad and depressed all the time, it is because of your too much kindness. There is indeed a connection between kindness and depression.

If you suffer from depression, you’re probably one of those people. These people are like slaves to others; do whatever someone asks you to do or just take everything on your back. This almost inevitably leads to suffering from depression.

You are trying to do everything in your power to please, whatever you are asked to do, sometimes even without being asked. You want others to love you, to accept you, and you kill yourself to the task. You do everything you can to be noticed, which leads you to allow them to abuse your kindness

Cultivating self-esteem

You should not try to please anyone other than yourself. The only thing that takes precedence is your self-esteem. Don’t let other people’s opinions overwhelm you or take more importance than that, because the minute you prioritize what others think of you, you enlist in a depressive spiral.

Moving away from negative waves

You have to defend yourself. If you feel oppressed, it is better to keep this source of negative waves away and protect you. You do not need people who oppress you and prevent you from being happy. If someone truly cares about your happiness, it will let you know without being envious and overwhelming.

Surround yourself with caring people

You don’t need people who don’t care about you, and if someone wants to leave you, let them go. Do not cling if the cause is not worth it. You must be the most important thing to yourself. You have to make sure you are spread out and have all the esteem you deserve, so get up!

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