The best way to break up with someone, How?    

The best way to break up with someone is extremely difficult, because after many years of ten and shared memories, the issue of ending the relationship becomes disturbing and confusing, so you become overwhelmed with feelings of bewilderment and hesitation, and you wonder if the separation decision is correct? Will I regret it later? Regardless of the reasons that lead you to end the relationship, you must think wisely and calmly and deal in an elegant way to end this relationship with respect and rationality.


Steps for best way to break up with someone

It is bad to initiate a decision to separate suddenly or because of an unpleasant situation that occurred and did not strive to solve it, or the occurrence of a problem that you did not try to fix, the decision to separate should be the last option, 


so that life became together through understanding, communication, love, and containment, but rather a solution, instead of dryness, continuous fights and tension Attraction and the relationship prevailed in an atmosphere of tension and charging, which made it lose its intimacy and poetry, 


and there was no need but separation, where without good feelings or appreciation of each person for the feelings of the other and his presence in his life as a partner in it, then there is no value to the relationship, so for the sake of separation is easy you must exhaust all Try and do not rush to decide to break up.


  • Create the atmosphere for this decision

Separation is not an easy decision for all parties, but its impact is, of course, more difficult for the party receiving the decision to secede than the party who is making it, 


so the decision to separate cannot be taken without informing the other party or surprising him with it without introducing the matter or hinting at it, so as not to offend or surprise the other party. You make a sudden decision, so it is always better to set things up for it and not be unfair or unjust.

The best way to break up with someone, How?    

  • Choose the right time and place

For an easy and easy separation, you have to choose the appropriate timing for the separation decision, because you must know that this decision is difficult in all respects and from all directions, and therefore be sure to choose the appropriate time to inform the other party of the decision of your desire to separate.


It is not good for you to tell him your desire when he is in a difficult or difficult situation and he needs you next to him, so you selfishly announce that you will abandon him and leave him in such circumstances to make things for him more difficult and difficult situations he is going through longer.


Therefore, you cannot tell him your desire during a difficult study exam period or when he suffers from a disease or undergoes surgery, whether for him or one of his relatives, his father or his mother, and it is not possible to inform him of this decision while facing some crises in his work, whether it is his work or problems related to his job.


Also, you cannot inform him of this decision in a romantic moment or while you are both attending a wedding party, nor on the day he receives joyful news, so that neither his joy nor sad news will spoil him, and things will add to more sadness. The last time you go to him is not a sad memory, always be considerate of the other person’s feelings.


  • Do not separate on the phone

To achieve an easy separation, do not end your relationship by phone, as it is bad to talk to someone on the phone and tell him that you do not want to complete your life with him, 


so to achieve an easy separation you should talk to him on the phone and tell him that you want to see him is necessary It is not possible to delay, and you go to a place that is not poetic, a regular or traditional cafe, and you start talking about the matter very seriously and do not leave it unless you are completely sure of the correctness of your decision and confirm it.


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