Breaking up and getting back together, How? Pros and Cons

Breaking up and getting back together, Breaking up is the sad, global end of a relationship that has lasted for a while, and it is normal to feel angry and discontent. During the Breaking up stage, the two parties make strong reactions such as shouting, insults, and hurtful comments, but it is necessary to accept this bitter reality and try to move to a new stage in life.


However, in some cases, this does not happen !!! Long weeks and months of crying, screaming, phone messages, and memories may pass without you being able to live normally. Always after a breakup, both parties do their best to place the blame on the other. However, despite the sadness and anger, you remember those beautiful moments together and radiate nostalgia for the happiness you miss today …


However, in some cases, the two parties return after suffering from a stormy separation and the passing of painful months, to gradually communicate with each other, and little by little, the relationship revives and they marry again. Returning to the former lover is possible, but do not expect that things will return exactly as before. The blind parties must strive to overcome doubts and fears of failure again. Therefore, we advise you to pay attention to the following five points:


Breaking up and getting back together, 5 tips for a successful relationship

1- Open a new page

It is difficult to separate or settle the emotional issues you previously experienced with your boyfriend, and things can get confusing. Despite your best efforts to make the relationship work, you may find yourself interacting with your partner more intensely because of something that happened long ago and before the breakup.


2- Wisdom and calm

You have decided to give each other a second chance and treat all the previous problems, so act wisely and calmly and try to stay away from the problems that led you to end the relationship in the past. It is necessary to find a radical and final solution to the causes that led to the separation and to check quietly for the difficulties that may be encountered in the future.


3- Focus on the positive

Do not rush your reaction from here on out. Remember the reasons that pushed you back together, such as your love for each other, sadness while you were away from him, longing, loneliness, etc. … Thinking about the positive will help you overcome difficulties, and problems will disappear with time.


4- Receive each other

For now, after you have decided to get each other back, it is imperative to strive for the success of the relationship. It might not be the way you see it. You both have to accept the bad deeds and good deeds to be able to overcome the current crisis, and it is necessary to rebuild trust between you and yourself as well. Try to focus on happiness and ignore the negatives. 


5- Admitting mistakes

Admitting a mistake is a virtue! Therefore, since you both decided to turn a new page, both of you should acknowledge your mistakes and forgive to continue together and move forward to make the relationship successful.

Breaking up and getting back together, How? Pros and Cons

Pros of Breaking up and getting back together:

  1. The separation between two parties for a period, long or short, maybe a strong and positive motivation to return to a better life than before. If one of the two parties measured the extent of his need for the other side and realizes that the importance of his presence is greater than the size of the concessions, he will be satisfied with the concessions in exchange for the presence of the other party.


  1. The disagreements may be forgotten temporarily, and start over to preserve family bonding and the stability of children, but this requires tireless effort on both sides, the sincerity of intention, perseverance, persistence, and psychological readiness for both.


  1. Increasing the quiet dialogue between them and re-understanding anew on everything that was the subject of disagreement within the most appropriate respect for a marital life free from the offense in all its forms. 


  1. How to fix it lies in first thinking that this life is short, if we wish, we end it with problems, and if we wish, we end it with understanding, love, and affection.


  1. Ignoring the past and starting a new life, keeping away from what annoys the other party, improving the marital relationship, thinking seriously about introducing happiness to the home again, and not thinking selfishly.


  1. Tolerance between the two parties and neglecting what can be overlooked, knowing that this family is the pillar of the parents, and no other party can play the role of one of them.


  1. Acknowledging their mistakes and not clinging to an opinion that might spoil their relationship.


Cons of Breaking up and getting back together:

  1. Not admitting the mistakes or sticking to one of the parties in his opinion out of stubbornness and not out of consent.


  1. If the goal of return is only for the sake of society, children, or parental pressure, then there will be an imbalance in other aspects of marital life.


  1. And If there is hatred between them, or a great wound and pain, or injustice and not forgetting about the past.


  1. If the intentions and purity of hearts differed between the two parties, it would generate alienation, the wounds would continue, and things might return worse than before.


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