Do not become someone you are not because of your injuries

When a stage of life ends, you have to know. If we don’t go to the next one in time, then we’ll lose the joy, and for us, nothing will make sense. You have to buckle the loops, close the doors, or end the chapters; Call it what you want.
The important thing is to be able to turn the page, and to let go of the moments of life that are now behind us.

If you’re nostalgic for the past, you can’t live in the moment. The past is the past; It is necessary to let go, and to detach from it.




We cannot be forever a child, or even a late teenager, an employee of a company that does not exist, or even forge ties with people who do not want to.

What is done is done, and it must be accepted!

-Paul Coelho-



  Although we all tend to learn from our past experiences, we often lose our emotional identity because of injuries that do not close.
As a result, the wound is constantly getting infected, thereby increasing our ability to be ourselves and to validate our emotions.
We are probably all accustomed to living with latent suffering from which we prefer not to care, so that our brain ends up giving up its ability to feel to avoid suffering.



However, basically, we know that this is what is preventing us from moving forward, taking advantage of what we have and giving our full attention to the present.
Even if it is said that the past is an old friend whom one must greet by far from a sign of the head, it is nevertheless necessary to take care of it and to heal it so as not to “get used” to live there, thus giving up the present.



Clean our past, and disinfect our wounds
What we took advantage of once, we never lose. Everything we love deeply becomes part of ourselves.
-Bernardo Stamateas-
So what are these things that infect the wounds of our souls? Sacrifice, anger, fear, abandonment, spite, incapacity, loneliness, treachery, lack of support, misunderstanding, sadness, deceit, desires and guilt.



How can we do this to heal these wounds once and for all?
  • Look into you and locate your wounds. Where did you get hurt? Do you mind talking about something in particular with a particular person? Does this situation make you sad or irritated? Since when? What do you think this is supposed to be?
  • Talk. It may not be easy because, in addition to hurting us, our wounds limit us. Empty your bag with someone you trust.



 It is one of the most beautiful repairing balms to take out what has been kept in oneself for too long.
  • Drain your wounds and prevent them from hurting you; In other words, heal.
  • The wounds of our emotional past suppurent feelings, emotions and other thoughts that hurt us.
That is why we have to get rid of them, because they live at our expense and ignite the affected areas, reaching hitherto unsuspected limits.



Drain your wounds by weeping, expel your pain. Do what you want, but condemn your suffering, and close the door behind you so that it does not enter. Then you will feel that you will begin to recover your identity.


Let yourself go… The fall will be much less painful. Stop thinking about what you have been, but that you are no longer.



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