Elements of family happiness

Elements of family happiness, The family always faces a problem in communicating due to the work of modern life, which causes the home to lose the spirit of love and happiness. 


Here, we offer ideas that help the family draw a smile on the faces of its members, through easy methods that can be practiced daily with spontaneity and a sincere desire to consolidate relationships and create an atmosphere of comfort and happiness.


Elements of family happiness


Among family members, a happy family is characterized by the flexibility that appears through detailed conversations about things between family members, developing alternative plans in case they are needed. 


taking lessons from difficult circumstances and ensuring that family members are optimistic during them, and facing these crises together and cooperatively through discussion and attempting to find solutions.


A healthy environment must be provided that helps individuals to face life’s difficulties, through the following: 


Challenging crises:

The resilient family is interested in facing challenges or adapting to difficult circumstances that they may encounter jointly, as everyone should bear responsibility, as this helps to strengthen family ties, by defining the role of each individual in facing problems and flexibility in the exchange of roles among them in proportion to The challenges faced by the family.


Positive outlook:

The resilient family is distinguished by its ability to focus on the positive points in times of crisis, and to maintain optimism and confidence to overcome the challenges it faces.


Spiritual values:

Spiritual values ​​are one of the basic things that a resilient family focuses on, as the family considers that individuals ’strength and comfort are through the performance of religious prayers or the practice of specific cultural traditions.



 The resilient family focuses on communication and interaction skills among its members, by providing them with the opportunity to identify problems and find solutions to them collectively, which makes them ready to face future challenges, and gives them the opportunity to express their ideas and emotional openness between them.


Utilization of economic and social resources:

A resilient family is characterized by establishing relationships with a group of people; Such as relatives and friends, or organizations that can be relied upon when needed and request financial or moral assistance from them.

Elements of family happiness


Communication between family members, which is based on love and understanding, is important for family bonding, and appears through the following:

  1. Honesty among family members.
  2. Good listening and listening among family members.
  3. Continuous communication between family members.
  4. Showing concern for each individual, and showing feelings of love.
  5. Giving advice and directions, and avoiding criticism.
  6. Motivating positive behavior.
  7. Granting freedom of opinion and expression to everyone in the family.
  8. Cooperation in solving problems and conflicts that the family may face.


A positive environment must be provided at home to strengthen the emotional bonds between family members, and that is through improving family communication between them through several things, including the following:


Communicate frequently:

The role of effective communication within the family lies in creating better relationships between its members, so it is necessary to find appropriate times for family communication, and to exchange views and ideas regarding family matters on a permanent basis. 


Such as talking during dinner or setting aside family sessions at times that are convenient for all individuals.


Communicate directly and clearly:

It is important for individuals to encourage each other to share their feelings and express their thoughts openly and clearly. Because this helps to repair the family relations between them.


Elements of family happiness -Active listening:

This is done by listening and focusing on the speech of the individual speaking, whether it is a spouse or child, without interrupting him; In order to understand what’s on his mind.


Trust among family members:

Parents are responsible for creating a family environment that allows family members the freedom to express their feelings and thoughts honestly, which in turn strengthens the trust between them.


Understanding body language:

It is important to be aware of verbal speech and non-verbal cues when speaking “body language” alike.


Commitment to the family

A happy family is characterized by the commitment of its members to each other, and this is demonstrated by the presence of trust and social responsibility among family members, and their commitment to the permissible behaviors,

 You can do several things to support the commitment of family members, including the following:


  • Keeping marital promises, agreements and obligations, and allocating annual times, for example, to remind them and renew commitment to them.
  • Celebrating and promoting family traditions through regular family activity and the creation of new customs; Like visiting grandmother’s house or eating a special meal every week.
  • Learn about family history by collecting pictures of grandparents and showing them to family members, or requesting narration of family history from grandparents and adults.
  • Watch videos specialized in commitment to family relationships.


Doing activities

Together, a happy family environment can be provided by practicing activities among all its members, and among these activities are the following:

  • Play together.
  • Eat dinner and chat.
  • Plan to go out for a walk.
  • Celebrating birthdays and special occasions.
  • Plan for the vacation to suit the circumstances of all family members, spend enough time away from technological devices, and engage in group activities; Like walking or exercising.


The practice of group activities among family members has many benefits, including the following:

  • Strengthening the emotional bonds between parents and children.
  • Improve communication between family members.
  • Reducing behavioral problems.
  • Increasing children’s ability to raise their academic achievement.


Show love and share feelings

A happy family is distinguished by the ability of its members to express their feelings towards each other, and that is through doing several things, including the following:

  • Open up with family members about their feelings for each other.
  • Show love and affection between them.
  • Providing care and assistance.
  • Doing good things for the family.
  • Attention to kind words and appreciation for every member of the family.


Elements of family happiness -Embrace differences

Family members differ among themselves in terms of personal needs and some beliefs, and among the ways that help to accept individual differences are the following:


  • Respect for different points of view.
  • Allow everyone in the family to express their opinion.
  • Individuals forgiving each other.
  • Everyone had their own responsibility.


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