Fake relationship, real relationship and how to differentiate them!

Many people go through relationships that they later discover were fake relationships, in which feelings mix between desire and love, a sense of security, or comfort. But, before you go through one of these relationships and continue in it, and then discover later that it was fake relationship, here are 3 basic ways to distinguish fake relationship from the beginning and then end it:


3 basic ways to distinguish fake relationship

1- Distinguish between love and feeling comfortable:

Everyone wants to feel that they are not alone and that there is someone to share their lives with. However, many of them did not learn to love themselves first and to feel happy internally, even if they were alone. 


And here lies the secret when entering into an emotional relationship, so if a person is comfortable with himself and feels happy internally, it will be easy for him to know if he really fell in love, or if he just feels comfortable having another person with him to share his life with.


2- Love is characterized by otherness, meaning “free from selfishness”:

Know that when you fall in love, you are not doing it to improve your partner’s life, or to improve your life. Rather, it is a feeling that is free from selfishness and does not have specific goals, or a specific timetable. It is a pure inner feeling, which is not restricted by obtaining a specific benefit.


3- Know that most people are not really in love:

When a person tells himself that they are in love, that feeling releases the hormones “serotonin” and “oxytocin”, which are specific to feelings of love and happiness. 


When a person thinks about the idea of ​​falling in love, the body continues to secrete these hormones, so the person enters into a cycle of inability to differentiate whether he is actually in love, or if he feels that good feeling because of the secretion of those hormones.

Fake relationship, real relationship and how to differentiate them!

Fake relationship in friendship

Friendship is that close relationship that brings you together with a believing soul that carries good morals that help you with life’s problems and sorrow first – a friend in times of trouble – as well as happiness for your joy and success secondly, but in the time of materialism it has become rare to form pure friendship relations that are not tainted by interests of all kinds.


Therefore, if it happened and it was a successful start to a new friendship, be sure to try my lady to test this personality before falling victim to falsehood and false appearances, as reducing the space of your friendships is a sign of maturity and the beginning of professional social life.


Here are traits that indicate personalities that you should avoid as much as possible to gain your psychological comfort:


1- Relationships based on conditions

For example, if one of the approaches you to a certain condition in you, such as an important position, abundant money, intelligence, activity, and dedication to work, to always rely on you to accomplish her tasks … etc. If you look at her friends and find them different, then she carefully chooses them to fulfill her needs. My brother, friendship based on materials and conditions is a toxic relationship.


2- Your girlfriend changes her dealings with you while some people are around?

Another sign of false friendship is her treatment of you differently based on those around you, and if you were alone you would treat you with kindness and friendliness as you open your heart to her in good faith, but as soon as you are surrounded by some people (friends, relatives, co-workers, teachers, managers, or even Strangers) change her behavior in front of them away from you by leaving you alone at events or parties.


You disagree with people in front of people in matters that you have always agreed upon, underestimating you, humiliating you, trying as much as possible to reduce your size, throwing them into embarrassing situations that happened to you to make them laugh or some negative characteristics that you are characterized by, mocking your matters.


It may reach her to diminish your size and the size of your beliefs, cleverly showing her merits, positives, her talents, or even her achievements, creating a clear difference between you to be the best in the eyes of the attendees. This is not a friendship at all that you should end, it is more hostile.


3 – Are you trying hard to find out everything about yourself by asking awkward questions?

Some women may take advantage of the bond of friendship to cram themselves into what does not concern them, such as asking questions that are very personal or embarrassing for you to reach your depths and reveal your secrets even if you do not want to reveal them, such as knowing the family problems that sometimes occur between the father and mother, or even brothers and sisters.


Some of the diseases that you may suffer from in secret, your relationship with your fiancé or your husband, as secrets are in the heart of which it is kept secret forever.

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