Family happiness, 6 secrets for family happiness

The Family happiness always faces a problem in communication due to the work of modern life, which makes the house lose the spirit of love and happiness. Here, we offer ideas that help the family draw a smile on the faces of its members, through easy methods that can be practiced daily with spontaneity and a sincere desire to consolidate relationships and create an atmosphere of comfort and happiness.


6 secrets for family happiness

1- Enjoy each other:

The happy family spirit lies in everyone raising the spirits of the other individual, and how they deal with each other. 


There is fun that determines the way family members interact with each other, when there is this feeling within each individual, happiness shines in the eyes of the children when the parents return home or one of them, and the same is the case when the children are received after their return from school or any other place. 


There is no presence of grumbling and boredom that may be present in some families that lack cohesion when there is hatred of one of the family members, such as a father or one of the children, so no one welcomes this person when he comes home or enters the living room.


2- Share stories and tales:

After your children come home, ask a mother to tell you what happened to them during the day at school, and tell them what you did in the morning. 


If the father and mother come home feeling depressed and not showing interest in others, then never expect children to feel happy to see them.


The bottom line is when the parents come home, put the children first, leave everything else for later, and let your children share with you what you can of all the things you do. 


This is a way to make your children feel longing to meet you. 


Boredom is a poison that kills any family, which leads to an imbalance in the relationship of parents with their children, and makes young people prefer sitting with their friends than staying with the family.


3- Pay attention to the marital relationship first:

Make a true model of love, and make your relationship with your husband at the forefront of your concerns, as the love between spouses is transmitted to members of the entire family. 


And caring for children comes second, as they see the model in front of them, and then automatically apply what they see in their daily life. 


And we cannot ask them to do things that weigh on them, because in return they will not always be at home, in the end the children leave to build new families and the spouses remain together.


4- Family happiness, Gather at the dining table:

A family whose members eat together is often a happy, connected family. Having at least one main meal that brings together family members is very important, as it is a great time to bond.


5- Play together:

Make playing or sharing an activity with the whole family part of the daily routine. 


For example, exchanging stories with young people before bed is a nice activity in which there is group participation, and reading a chapter from a novel, for example by older children, or playing ball as two teams is also fun.


6- family comes before friends

For a happy family, caring for friends always comes in second place after the family. 


Parents should establish rules regarding communicating with friends, especially as they are a source of fun for children. 


When a child becomes bored, he begins to search for fun outside the home, with friends, for example. 


We do not deny the importance of friendship in a person’s life, but this should not affect interest in the family and communicate with its members.


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