Fear of relationships, What and Why?

Many people fear of relationships and may spend their lives without taking this step. And this fear may accompany some of them even if they take that step. How does the attachment become a phobia that persecutes the individual, so that he is often unable to control it? And how to face it and overcome it, and are the causes known? Learn, dear, how to overcome this pesky attachment phobia.


Fear of relationships is one of the most common problems among women and men of our time. Perhaps some of us are afraid to even talk about it and always prefer to run away when they feel love towards someone, but before escaping you have to pause a little and think for a moment about the reason that makes you feel afraid. Do you have a reluctance to take responsibility? Whether or not you want to link. When you know the reason, it will be easy to get over that feeling the right way


What is a phobia?

Let me first define a phobia, which is an intense fear that reaches the point of a phobia and is also called a phobia. The individual may fear things, situations, insects or animals, and certain situations. Science considers that a phobia has no logical justification, and the reason for its occurrence may be due to an imbalance in the natural response to fear.


What is the fear of relationships?

Fear of relationships is evading a long-term partnership or marriage. Also called link phobia. The person who suffers from this problem is not cruel. Rather, he yearns for the thing he fears, which is “love and connection.” This contradiction makes the person who is afraid of engagement enter a vicious circle, starting with the pursuit of establishing a serious relationship and then refusing to move this relationship to the next level, i.e. the engagement. The emotional impact of this process is devastating.

Fear of relationships, What and Why?

Why fear of relationships?

What are the reasons that make you develop a phobia of attachment? Most of those who fear engagement fear the following:

  • Fear of opportunities that may be lost
  • Fear of making an improper decision
  • Fear of falling into the trap of getting out of it is difficult

Fear of association may generate a feeling that can affect many aspects of life, including profession, social and private life. It can also make simple decisions very difficult.


Signs that you are fear of relationship

Ask yourself the following questions, and if your answer is yes, then you have all the signs of attachment fear:

  • Do you spoil your efforts to find the right partner?
  • Do you end your relationships before they get serious?
  • Do you have a list of impossible specifications that cannot be met by anyone?


Types of fear of relationship

This phobia takes many forms and types. What kind of attachment phobia do you suffer from?

  • Fear of failure: Because of an unsuccessful parenting relationship, previous discouraging relationships, an overly idealistic life that does not accept any defects and amplifies every problem, fear of losing control of your life.


  • Fear of betrayal: This is due to a previous painful experience, an experience of this kind within the family that you lived during your childhood or after, lack of self-esteem, the conviction that you are not qualified for love and do not deserve it, so you must be betrayed.


  • Fear of leaving: due to psychological problems associated with a difficult childhood due to bad parenting, previous painful experiences, avoiding feeling lonely.


  • Fear of attachment: due to the inability to commit and attachment, a previous emotional wound after a strong attachment to the partner, the attachment means dependence on the other in some way, and disappointment may be the outcome.


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