Friendship at work.. 6 ways to help you make new friends at work.

Forming Friendship at work may not be easy, especially in close degrees of friendship. There are old friendships that were formed in the study stages and others that occur at different intellectual and age stages,


However, in workplaces, relationships may deviate from the fellowship stage and develop into the friendship stage. Are there ways to form friendships at work? Of course, in the workplace there may be a real opportunity to make strong friendships.


6 ways to help you make Friendship at work

 Ways to make friends at work There are some steps that may be the beginnings of new friendships at work that come out of the fellowship stage and move to a more important and deeper stage, and the most important of these steps and methods:


1- Cooperation. 

Cooperation with coworkers is necessary and important, and it has an important role in creating a successful and healthy work environment that has a role in developing performance and reaching various results,


However, cooperation may be a good start and an important step for opening the door of trust between colleagues and seeing each other more deeply that may push them to move from collegiality to friendship.


2- Psychological support.

Most of us spend the most hours of his day in the workplace among his colleagues, and therefore all the psychological effects that a person can be exposed to due to the pressures of life may occur inside this place, especially after going through difficult situations and crises, and here the importance of taking into account the human side appears. It creates an attitude of a coworker, the most important friend and supporter of myself.


I remember that during my work in many places, the presence of some people, I did not expect that there would be a relationship between me and them that exceeded the limits of greetings and greetings, 


but after the support they provided at distinct times, their places have changed to become now one of the most important circles of friendship for me! Therefore, the psychological support of co-workers has an essential and important role in moving them from just coworkers to friendships.


3- Good dealings in every workplace.

There are many personalities that each person carries characteristics that may be completely opposite to what the other holds, so the difference in temperament and cultures is contained in all workplaces of different nature.


However, the behaviors and the nature of interactions impose themselves and determine the position of each person in the hearts of his colleagues, and some people are able, through their human dealings, to transform from mere coworkers to close friends.


4- Avoiding expectations.

For each person whose character is completely different from the other, and his energy that enables him to do things on the social level may not actually be able to others and vice versa, and setting certain expectations in people that may be unfair to them, so on the level of work relations, avoid expectations, so as not This prompts you to avoid people who might be the start of good friendships.


5- Interests.

Interests may create common circles between co-workers, for example there may be a work friend who practices the same hobby, or the same ideas, which creates a new beginning to form a friendship between you.


Especially when you start out together to enjoy those hobbies that could be reading, exchanging books, playing football or going to the movies.


6- Dialogue.

so creating a comfortable and fruitful dialogue is not an easy thing, for sometimes we may sit with people who do not have a conversation and exchange it together, and others may feel that we do not want to just respond to them because we see that what they are talking about is something outside of logic and any response will not work.


However, there are some people with whom dialogue is an interesting matter that results in new ideas and psychological comfort, so creating a dialogue with some co-workers may be an important step for moving from a relationship of collegiality to friendship.


In the end, forming relationships is not difficult, but moving these relationships from the stage of transient relationships or related to places and circumstances to friendship relationships is not easy, so methods of forming friendships in workplaces may be a good start for creating new circles of friendships that can be A father of support a lot of the time.


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