Friendship at work.. Look for these seven qualities in co-workers

Friendship at work, I often wish I could interview the people who end up working with me. Unfortunately, I have never been in this position. 


We spend at least 8 hours in the office, and eventually our co-workers become close to us, advisers, help us, and the people we turn to. But what qualities should we look for in co-workers before engaging with them on a task or work-related issue that bothers us?


Look for these seven qualities when you make Friendship at work

  1. A strong work ethic

Working with someone who comes late to work and leaves early, or spends time browsing the internet when he has work to do can be very frustrating. Learn how to deal with coworkers who have a poor work ethic, or coworkers who are lazy. Find a colleague or coworker that you will make sure that he / she has a strong work ethic after observing his behavior for some time.


  1. To be trustworthy

You have to deal with loyal co-workers who don’t talk badly about you behind your back or reveal information you tell them. 


Trust doesn’t come overnight because it takes time for co-workers to gain your trust and for you to test their loyalty. 


In the workplace, trust is often built through team-oriented tasks, shared experiences, similar goals, and shared risk-taking adventures.


  1. The ability to rely on him / her

People who can count on rare currency in general. In the workplace, you have to deal with co-workers you can count on when things go wrong. 


Those who can be counted on do their jobs and go to great lengths to meet deadlines. 


They are stable and do not let you down by leaving work for unimportant reasons, and they often plan their vacations and absences in advance so that others have time to set their schedule.


  1. Focus

It is not enough for your intent to act properly. It is more important to focus on your work, focus on what is important, and set priorities for work tasks. Such co-workers make everyone’s life less difficult.


  1. Good judgment

Co-workers who are able to make correct judgments are able to make decisions based on what is best for the company or team overall, rather than what is best for themselves. 


They have good intuition and can make sound decisions based on sound judgments in difficult work situations.


  1. Multiple skills

People with multiple skills are often more valuable to the company and the people they work with. To be a multitasking person, improve yourself constantly, improve your skills, learn new things, get a certificate … etc.


  1. Positivity

Who does not like positive co-workers? It is easy to deal with and get along with them, and they are always smiling, optimistic and practical. A positive, cheerful attitude is contagious. 


Always look for smiling people and stay away from pessimists, as they will absorb your soul and energy with their negative attitude about life and work.


Positive work colleagues don’t think any work task is below their standard. They understand their role in the company and implement it calmly and without complaint.


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