Friendships at work.. Pros and cons

Friendships at work, Many believe that work friendships may negatively affect their performance, and hence their future career, which seems to be the opposite of reality. As scientific studies confirm that the presence of friends at work, contributes in a positive way during the completion of daily work, as we explain now.


Advantages making Friendships at work

Long working hours

Looking at the long working hours that everyone spends in their workplaces, it becomes clear that everyone spends much more time with colleagues than when sitting at home with his family, or in public places with friends. 


Therefore, the great importance of forming friendships at work, as it will lead to the passage of time without feeling bored, in addition to the presence of familiar and loving faces in those places, will reduce the feeling of loneliness and isolation.



The work will not become just a means to collect a monthly salary, or a boring thing that forces you to wake up early, but rather it will become a place where people close to you on the social level gather, which increases your enthusiasm to go to it daily, and then complete the required work, without looking every minute of the hour in hope At the time of leaving.


Fast support

Having friends around gives you the opportunity to find someone to support you in difficult work times, which require support from others, so the opportunity to learn everything new becomes much easier, and mistakes also decrease with friends helping you in moments of confusion that appear with increased pressure at work.



A person is born and is by nature a social being who does not like isolation, so being in the midst of a group of familiar faces achieves the required equation, as it will make you feel in the place you belong to, which will increase efficiency at work, as well as contribute to your development day after day.


Interest in work

You will also enjoy many benefits when you form friendships at work, so your colleagues will also find a return from you, as you will naturally become interested in doing their work properly, increasing productivity in general, which raises the status of the work institution itself, and thus benefits you also in the end.


communication skills

Talking with work friends daily, whether in matters related to the work itself, or in general matters, helps to develop your communication skills, which increases your ability to present your ideas to your superiors, and makes you a source of confidence in them.


What are the advantages of making Friendship at work for work?

Having friends at work is very important, a person may spend more than a decade in the same workplace and with the same people, so you will develop a strong friendship with these individuals, 


And for the company it is good to have friendly relations between colleagues, this leads to the presence of many Among the positives in the relationship, including:

  1. There is a high level of trust between them.
  2. Accelerate the decision-making process in the work environment.
  3. Solve each other’s problems making work faster.
  4. Offer emotional support. Tough times don’t last when an individual has sympathetic ears at work.


With all these positives, the presence of friends in the work environment that the individual refers to in professional advice is very necessary, so you must listen to advice to make friends in the work environment.


Disadvantages making Friendship at work

1) It makes the work environment unprofessional, making it more of an environment for chatting than for working.

2) The presence of jealousy among some friends who feel paralyzed at work.

3) A friend knows a lot about you, which makes you vulnerable to problems.


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