Friendships at work .. Why should there be clear limits?

Creating Friendships at work can make employees more satisfied and productive, which is confirmed by the survey conducted by the “Office Team” company. For nearly a quarter of the employees who participated in the survey, work friendships replaced most of the other benefits of work, and came next in terms of The importance is after salaries.


Although Friendships at work makes employees happier in the work environment, they may have disadvantages on the other hand. For example, personal differences outside work between two employees may be reflected on the same work.


5 tips for managing a Friendships at work

1- Establish clear boundaries

One of the most important pillars of friendship is that the two parties are able to trust us with each other on personal information, 


so it is important to agree with work friends to maintain the privacy of this information, and to avoid engaging in discussions about personal matters in the workplace, and to commit to talking only about work matters .


This helps a lot in dealing with work friends as co-workers during work hours, and as friends after work time.


2- Dealing with everyone

A person should not limit his relationships and dealings at work to his friends only, because this may arouse the resentment of the rest of the employees, and it may also make them feel that the person is talking to his friends about them behind their backs, so it is important that the person deals with all employees in the same way, to avoid the resentment of others And raise their suspicions.


3- Commitment to professional behavior

It is important that the person’s behavior and conversations are appropriate for the workplace, and this means that the person completely avoids calling his friends at work with names of “spoiling”, 


or discussing anything that happened outside of work in the workplace, which may cause embarrassment for the person or his friends.


4- Avoid special and differential transactions

If a person gets a promotion and becomes a manager for his friends at work, he must completely avoid treating his friends special or preferential treatment, but rather he must treat them in the same way that he deals with the rest of the people in the company.


5- Dealing professionally after the end of the friendship relationship

Sometimes it happens that friendship relations end, and regardless of the reasons for this, it is important that a person does not let his personal differences with his friends outside work affect the work, in the event that his friends work with him in the same place, but rather he must deal with them with respect and professionalism Inside work.


Work environment

There are many different work environments, the work environment varies according to the nature of the work in which it is managed or the area, color and design of the work environment, 


so any business owner needs the work environment of his company to be an environment that allows employees to work to obtain the highest productivity level while remaining satisfied with their job,


And the work environment is better if there are some things in it, such as discussion and asking questions, and flexibility in work, such as allowing some employees to work from home, and with the availability of feedback, and allowing work as an individual, but with a focus on success as a team,


This is achieved when friendship is achieved at work, and this can be done by following some tips to make friends in the work environment.


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