How do we get out of the gloom of home stone?

How do we get out of the gloom of home stone?

How do we get out of the gloom of home stone?-Coronavirus has imposed a home quarantine on the world as a preventive step from infection and the painful symptoms associated with it that may reach the paradox of life. However, home quarantine has negative effects on people’s psyche, especially with feelings of anxiety and depression predominating. These effects are exacerbated when the person has previously suffered from mental disorders.

There is no doubt that the structure of a person and the strength of his immunity greatly affect how to accept the stone, as irrational thinking and a fragile and succumbing personality to disease do not seek resistance, and it may be a factor that fuels exhaustion and mental illnesses, thus increasing tension, low energy and lack of activity, and may lead to suicide.

Tips for getting past the stage

To prevent and reduce stone-related depression, you should follow the following tips:
Promote positive thinking and early treatment of the problem of depression.

Coping with home quarantine, which may constitute a shock due to the loss of personal freedom, followed by a period of anger, sadness, depression and ultimately acceptance, so the individual has to adapt to each new threat he faces.

  • Balance in preventive health habits and moderate hygiene, and not let panic dominate us so that we do not develop obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Consolidating family relationships, reassuring children, taking care of their mental health, and showing strength in front of them so that the disease is not transmitted to them.

How do we get out of the gloom of home stone?

Physical exercise, as it leads to the secretion of the hormone endorphins, which is a source of meditation, relaxation, stress relief, and mental clearance.
Writing daily diaries and expressing hope and optimism through identification with people who have overcome difficulties.

  • Stay away from negative news and try to entertain at home and overcome feelings of loneliness by communicating with relatives and accepting friends’ invitations for an online meeting to spread joy and positivity.
    Fill your spare time with a new hobby and learn it through the internet, such as cooking, sewing and learning a new language.
    Eat healthy food, and get enough sleep.
    Make time for reading.
    Establishing a list of the tasks that we will carry out during the day, which will create an atmosphere of effectiveness and activity.

When treatment becomes a necessity

Prevention and reduction of depression is a positive mindset that increases joy and self-esteem, with the help and support of friends and family. When depressive symptoms worsen, treatment becomes the solution, as the sick person is supposed to go to specialists or visit a psychiatrist, and he is not ashamed of seeking treatment and considers it a social stigma because simple symptoms can overcome them, while severe chronic symptoms that recur without treatment may lead to Setbacks that the individual cannot control.