How does winter depression affect a man’s mental health?

winter depression affect

How does winter depression affect a man’s mental health?-Seasonal affective disorder or winter depression is one of the seasonal diseases that afflict both men and women, but women are the most vulnerable to depression. In this report, we learn about how winter depression affects a man’s mental health, according to “fatherly”.

The seasonal affective disorder is a form of depression associated with changing seasons. It usually begins in the fall and continues through the end of winter and early spring.

Men and women can fall victim to seasonal depression, but women care about the condition and seek help from others, so it is wrong to assume that winter depression does not affect men, as many believe, but men may not go to the doctor to seek help.

According to the American Institute of Mental Health, “both men and women suffer from depression, but their willingness to talk about their feelings may be completely different.” The symptoms of depression in men and women may also be completely different. For example, some men who suffer from depression hide their emotions, and may They appear angry, nervous, or aggressive, while many women experience intense sadness and crying.

How does winter depression affect a man’s mental health?

According to the World Health Organization. “Doctors are more likely to diagnose depression in women better than men.” Because doctors are more likely to suspect that what men are experiencing is seasonal depression, because men suffer from atypical depressive symptoms, such as aggression.

When men aren’t getting the help they need, for whatever reason, seasonal affective disorder and depression can trigger feelings that may cause aggression and self-harm.

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