How Personal Development affect on our thinking ?

Topic about the importance of personal development and how to apply that in our life?

Personal Development change the world

Personal Development (Self-development) is a very important talent, who owns it will have a bright future. Personal Development is a very important talent, who owns it will have a bright future. It opens a wide horizon in our life.


First of all, here it’s a fast hint to dive into the secrets of personal development and we should pay attention to this topic.

What is personal development?

How hard is it to go through life if you have big obstacles in your way? It’s hard.

If you imagine that the obstacles in your way are big walls, then personal development is a way to break these walls and clear the space in front of you so that you can go through your life easier. If you have a clear space in front of you, you can just flow through life and you don’t have to struggle anymore and feel stuck behind big walls that seem too big to pass through.

Anyone can wonder about this topic, and maybe thinking about what this term means? There are many questions that could be raised, one of these questions is how familiar are you with personal development?

Is it something that you take part in regularly?. Whether you are the former, the latter, or somewhere in between, so don’t worry about that by this article will help you improve your personal growth, or help you to start your personal development journey.

what are you waiting for?  Let’s go on!

The definition of personal development

There are many definitions to this term, let us talk about some

1- is defined as activities that develop a person’s capabilities and, build human main potential, facilitate employability, and enhances the quality of life and the realization of dreams and aspirations. Personal development takes place over the course of an individual’s entire lifespan. It is not limited to self-help but can involve formal and informal activities for developing others in roles such as those of teacher, guidance counselor, manager, coach, or mentor. When personal development takes place in the context of institutions, it refers to the methods, programs, tools, techniques, and assessment systems offered to support positive development at the individual level organizations.


2- Personal development is not just a way of solving problems in your life; it is a way of growing. It is your way to a better life, to become an improved version of yourself. If you think that you don’t have to work on yourself then you definitely do need to!


Among other things, personal development may include the following activities:

  • Improving self-awareness
  • Improving self-knowledge
  • Improving skills and/or learning new ones
  • A building or renewing identity/self-esteem
  • Developing strengths or talents
  • Improving a career
  • Identifying or improving potential
  • Building employability (alternatively) human capital
  • Enhancing lifestyle and/or the quality of life and time-management
  • Improving health
  • Improving wealth or social status
  • Fulfilling aspirations
  • Initiating a life enterprise
  • Defining and executing personal development plans (PDPs)
  • Improving social relations or emotional intelligence
  • Spiritual identity development and recognition

Self-development methods:

Focusing on the positive things:

It is important to leave focusing on the negatives and problems of the self and to find something positive to focus on and think about. Three positive things can be written about personality or about the course of a certain day at work, for example, and when thinking about mistakes or negatives, they should be thought of as opportunities for learning, and knowing how to avoid them when exposed to them once Other to come in the future.

Helping others:

It is important to start offering something to others; As feeling the possibility of making a difference in the world will increase self-esteem, and it is possible, for example, to give private lessons, or guide young students, or engage in volunteer work.

Doing exercises:

Exercising on a daily basis helps relieve stress and thus feel an improvement in personality, as exercise boosts the hormone endorphins, a group of natural opioids in the body, which contributes to a feeling of inner comfort.


Reading books and magazines improves memory, increases the ability to learn, enhances understanding and perception, and it is possible to read topics related to eating healthy food and exercising. For physical benefit as well.

Follow a healthy diet:

Eating a healthy diet helps prepare for more physical and mental challenges, and also helps control weight and improve energy. Fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains contain nutrients that maintain a healthy body and mind, and natural foods and less sugary products should be eaten.

Letting go of the past:

If there are some bad things that have happened in the past, one should not think about them and leave them, because they cannot be changed and there will be no benefit from them except that they demotivate and reduce the desire for change, so it is necessary to take a lesson from the past and not make it an obstacle to it. The road to success.

Establish a friendship with senior figures in their field:

Whereas, strong relationships with people who specialize in a field can benefit from their experience and skills at work, and from everything they have done in their lives to make a person achieve for himself such successes.

Learn public speaking:

Public speaking has a great impact on personality, so a person must have great strength to stand and speak in front of people, and be able to present himself better and more honestly.

Self-challenge in self-development:

Self-development goals can be set while challenging oneself to do and accomplish them within a specific period, especially those goals that were supposed to be accomplished some time ago but were not achieved.

Diary writing:

The diary is not only a record of memories but rather a record of the accomplishments that have been achieved. It is possible to know what has been accomplished and what has not been accomplished, what mistakes were made today, and how to avoid them in the following days.

Get away from bad habits:

One of the characteristics of a successful person is that he is kept away from everything bad, such as sleeping for long hours and not waking up early or smoking, so you should stay away from all of this.


Finally, we will talk about some advice in self-development

Important self-development advice:

It is recommended that you follow these tips that help in self-development:

  • Taking the opinion and advice of others:

You can ask to consult family and friends at work, accept the opinion of others with ease and openness, and try to rethink some of the things they criticized and change them if necessary.

  • Recording the list of required tasks:

It is preferable to record the tasks that are required to be completed during the day, week and month so that they are achievable and adjustable according to emergency and surrounding circumstances.

  • Always searching for the best:

The desire to search for the best is a strong motivation for self-development because the focus of thinking is on how to achieve dreams and goals that will change and improve the self and life.