How to become and be a successful person

How to become and be a successful person

How to become and be a successful person There are ten basic elements or keys to success, and success here is not limited to the final result as many people think, but it also means the journey or the road to that desired final result, so the journey must be successful until it reaches a successful outcome, and the journey Successful needs have foundations to be built upon

Usually, a successful person has a large and specific goal that he seeks to achieve in his life. Motivations The first key to success in life lies in the inner motivation, and motivation can be considered as the type of enthusiasm that motivates and pushes you to do a certain thing

This motivation is related to the big and lofty goal that you want to reach, as you think about the goal and always think of the end point to be your concern, so you should not do any work in vain and without a goal, for example, to think about the final goal when you study or when you work in a specific job; Because going to work or studying and you know exactly why you go and why you do what you do makes you work harder and spend more for what you are doing; Because it is a step towards your ultimate grand goal.

How to become and be a successful person

In order to make your motivations strong and strengthen the link between what you accomplish and reach the final goal, you must reward yourself after every action or achievement you do, such as buying something you want or doing something you love, and do not reward yourself randomly, but link the achievement to the reward until you pay Yourself to work harder. Energy impulses need energy and the strength of motives weakens in cases of stress, whether it is physical or psychological stress, and to preserve energy, you must pay attention to exercise, eat a healthy and balanced diet, and sleep regularly, and to maintain energy and mental health, you must devote at least ten minutes every day Sit in a quiet, uninterrupted place and focus on relaxing and deep breathing only, and not thinking of anything else like the next step in your busy day.

skill or knowledge

How to become and be a successful person

One of the important keys to success in life, it may be no secret to you that successful people know more and thus invest less time and effort to achieve what may take others a lot of time and effort, some people may think that this is due to “luck” or “chance”, but the truth is that this coincidence does not come. Except for someone who is successful and follows the path to success and not for any random person, so you have to work (smarter)

Not to work harder and more, by focusing on the quality of the work you do before the quantity, and the skill or knowledge can be acquired regardless of your current situation or level and regardless of your age, so look at your big goal and determine the skills that you need to reach it, so learn For example, a new language, read books on topics that interest you and help you to reach, and attend various courses and workshops, and remember that a successful person is a smart person, so invest in yourself, invest in your mind and continuously develop yourself, and you are not satisfied with reaching a certain amount of skill or knowledge, as more is always required. The visualization visualizes your goal, your success, and your arrival

You can do this by writing ten things that you wish to achieve, and write them numbered in the order you want so that the most important and useful to you is numbered by number one and the least important and useful is numbered by number ten. Keep this paper near your bed and read it and look at it every night before you sleep, and leave yourself free to imagine. And visualize what it would be like when you achieve these goals

You are thus imprinting your goals deep into your subconscious. The act of knowledge and perception alone is not enough even if they are accompanied by the strength of the motive, but you must work and apply the skill or knowledge that you learn, and the first step or beginning may be frightening, especially if you start with something that people around you may look at with amazement, and here the importance and usefulness of perception and the importance and usefulness of the motive appear Also because you must remember that this is your goal and your dream, not their goal and dream, and therefore you must necessarily believe in it until you achieve it, as for them, you are not obligated to believe in your dreams and your goals, so do not wait for their approval or encouragement and support

The goal is your goal, and you alone are responsible for it. One of the things that must be wary of other than fear of people is procrastination, as you may postpone work and implementation for tomorrow and when the tomorrow comes, you wait for the next tomorrow or you may decide to start with the beginning of the next week and so on, but know that the only way to start is “now”, and do not be afraid of Failure if the success rate of what you want to do is one in a hundred,

this does not mean that you do not try not to fail, but rather it means that you make your effort and work and try ninety-nine times until you reach success. Write a detailed plan before starting work and take into account this plan at the time of implementation, and make sure Who set a timetable for implementing what you wrote with the plan and stick to it as much as possible.


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