How to overcome envy?

How to overcome envy? Envy .. is a reprehensible characteristic for many people, and some may find it difficult to get rid of it and things get worse, and the matter develops into devastating hatred for others.


And psychological depression that affects and sickens the envious, so you must restrain yourself, and seek treatment from this disease before it gets out of control And the occurrence of unfortunate consequences.


How to overcome envy?

Know the difference between envy and jealousy

Envy and jealousy are not the same thing, but they are often confused between them, so it is important to know the difference between them in order to determine what kind of feelings you are feeling. 


Jealousy is a feeling that a person feels when he feels fear of losing something that he owns for the benefit of another party that exists in reality or an imaginary one.


For example, jealousy is what you feel when you see your close friend flirting with another person and enjoying their company, and envy is what you feel when you see a friend of yourself riding a new sports car that is hard to own.


Think about “how envy hurts you.”

Think about “How has envy affected your life in a negative way?” Perhaps the long friendship between you and your friend is about to end just because of his success in his life.


And because you can no longer pretend that you are happy for him, you will avoid meeting him or responding to him, you will waste your time checking his Facebook page to follow his progress in his life with sorrow and pain. 


You will be exhausted by thinking about wishing for what he has and a strong desire to take his place, and in the end you will wish him to lose everything and the disappearance of what he has.


Admit to a confidant

Telling a supportive friend or close family member how you feel may help you feel better and help you express your emotions in a positive way. 


Choose someone who does not have a close relationship with the person you feel envious of. 


Also, make sure to choose someone who supports you and listens to you without complaining. 


And he has the ability to provide solutions, so that the matter does not get worse.


Forgive the envied person

Forgiveness is an important part of treating yourself from envy, because your vengeance on a person and wishing for his loss and failure will only disrupt your path and stop you.


And remember that you do not forgive the other person because of a mistake he committed or a crime he committed against you, you are only trying to look at things from his perspective. 


And realizing how much effort he made and the sacrifices he made to reach what he achieved, then your feeling of envy may turn into sympathy and understanding.

How to overcome envy?

Turn envy into appreciation

It is very important in your treatment for yourself to appreciate all that you have from what God has bestowed and granted you.


And to appreciate what God has bestowed on the other as well, with satisfaction in what has been divided for you and what has been divided into others.


And to focus on what you have in terms of capabilities to improve yourself, and to work to develop a sense of happiness for others and joy for them. 


Try to bless your friend for his new car, and to show your admiration for it and pray for its goodness, and this will make a difference within you.


How to overcome envy? Use envy to generate a goal

You can deal with envy in a constructive way to turn it into something positive, and generate a goal that you are striving to achieve. 


Using your envy to set a realistic, achievable goal will help you stop thinking about your negative feelings and the ability to change something in your life for the better.


For example, if you envy your friend about his new car, because he had the money that enabled him to buy it; Make it your goal to work hard to earn and save more money.


Remember, his success will not harm you

You must always remember that the success of others does not affect you and will not stop you, supposing that someone has achieved a great achievement in one area, so what prevents you from doing the same thing and achieving what he achieved and perhaps more?


Your success in life does not depend on another person, whether it is about finding a life partner, getting a good job, or anything else you want, you can get anything with your effort alone, regardless of how successful the other person is.


How to overcome envy? Help those who do not have

If you fail in trying to take your mind off of what people have and what you don’t have; 


You can spend some time helping the needy who do not have anything, this will help you to realize the value of your blessings and the gifts you have, and know the amount of positive energy within you that you can provide to the world to help others.


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