How to win in life? There are 7 practical steps to win in life

Can we divide our tasks into steps to achieve our dreams? It seems that this is not that easy and clear! But most of those with great accomplishments usually go to the same process, doing the items that we’ll be including here as part of the process. In this article we will talk about how to win in life?


So if you are striving to fulfill your dream; Look at the following items that will help you arrange your tasks, and if you start implementing them, you will inevitably walk towards achieving your dream.


How to win in life with practical steps?

To know how to win in life, you must know the following:


The first step: dreaming

Everything starts in life through the mind and the heart. And every great achievement for a person begins with the mind, as they dare and program their minds to dream and set goals, believing that they can achieve their goals. So you have to sit down and ask yourself; what if? Think positive – don’t let negative thinking control you. 


You have to be a dreamer, dream about all the things that you want to achieve for yourself, your family, and others. If you feel that your dream is starting to dampen and go away from you, re-fuel it again and do all the things you can do to keep your dream alive, do not let it go, life is shorter than you think to let your dream go from you.


The second step: faith

Your dream needs faith. You have to believe in yourself and your abilities to a large extent to be able to achieve what you want. Your dream may be so big that it seems impossible to fulfill, but you have to believe in it. 


You have to be able to say that you have managed to start working, and if others help you, and if you work hard to achieve this big dream, then this dream will come true.


 A good example of this is that there is a person who does not have a university degree but has set a goal for himself that he will build a huge company in one year, of course, it is a big dream, but it is reasonable. 


There is an example that cannot be achieved: a 90-year-old woman with arthritis wants to one day participate in a 3-hour marathon, of course, it is a big dream, but it is impossible to achieve, so you should focus on building a project and continuing it instead of To waste your time realizing impossible dreams.

The third step: farsightedness (or looking into the future)

People with great accomplishments have the advantage of “seeing the future”, as they envision their future and draw it with their hands. They may see their place in life after five years, for example. 


They can see themselves in their dream office opening. Some of them see himself giving his first speech in the company that appoints its manager. Imagining a person for himself while he is in a prominent position as he wants to give signals to the body to start implementing this dream with all enthusiasm and energy.

how to win in life?

How to win in life? Fourth step: Talk about the dream

One of the reasons dreams do not come true is that a person locks in this dream inside of them. So if you want to make your dream come true, some of those you trust should talk about it. Since one of the main reasons behind achieving success is to keep talking about it, you will inevitably believe in it more and more. 


The more you talk about your dream, the greater the possibility of achieving your dream. The other reason is to feel responsible, as long as you tell others about your dream, it pushes you to do it so that you don’t seem to be saying what you are not doing.


Fifth step: planning

Every dream should have a specific plan. There is an old saying which says “Get what you planned.” The dream that you seek to achieve does not happen on its own.


 Rather, it needs you to start with the basics of well-structured, well-constructed, and strategic planning to reach the desired goal. You have to think about all the details, divide the plan into small parts, and then set a period for each task of the “dream realization” plan.


How to win in life? The sixth step: work hard

My friends, I want to remind you that there will be no life before success is achieved. Unfortunately, only the successful people in the world are those who work hard, and the rest of the world sits watching TV, watching the achievements of people who are working to achieve their dream.


 I have an equation I apply in life, which is the completion of short tasks for short periods. Those short tasks will lead you to great accomplishments in the long term. If you work every day, your dream will eventually come true. 


Whereas, war and peace do not exist only between countries, but also exist in ourselves. We live in a state of war between us and ourselves to overcome all the difficulties that face us to enjoy peace.


Seventh step: Enjoy fulfilling your dream

When you reach your goal and achieve your dream that you have been pursuing, you should enjoy this great success and reward yourself who persevered and worked hard, and did not laze around to achieve this dream.


 During each stage of your journey to achieving success, give yourself some rewards for every step you take and for reaching the big goal; You have to reward yourself with a huge reward for achieving this great achievement. Enjoy helping others, be generous and generous.


 Use your dream for the benefit of others. Then go back to the first step and dream about a bigger dream! You have to keep setting goals, don’t stop at achieving one goal.

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