Hypnosis real | What research says about!

Hypnosis is nothing more than hypnotizing oneself. Contrary to popular misconception, hypnosis real is not about supernatural powers of mind control. All you’re doing as a hypnotist is guiding the person and helping them relax and fall into a state of hibernation, or wake them up from it.


How does hypnosis real work?

The theory of mind is the belief that there is consciousness and unconsciousness separated by a critical or critical factor, which in turn belongs to the conscious mind. You can imagine the deciding factor as the gatekeeper of the subconscious.


Hypnosis aims to send the target person into a state called a hypnotic coma, thereby bypassing the critical factor, allowing you to directly enter the target person’s unconscious mind. There is controversy among hypnotherapists about the actual existence of a state of hypnotic trance, but it is accepted that there is a state of half-consciousness in which no response to the stimulus is carried out.


Types (hypnosis):


1- Traditional hypnosis

It is done by a specialized person trained in hypnosis called the hypnotist (the therapist) and the main pillar is the person who will be subjected to hypnosis called the mediator (the patient).


2- Self-hypnosis (implicit suggestion)

The main difference between it and traditional hypnosis is the absence of a hypnotist (the healer) so that the person himself performs the work of the hypnotist (the healer) and often the therapist trained the person to do it in conjunction with the traditional hypnotic sessions to reach a better result and is very similar to meditation.


How do you hypnotize a person?

It must be noted that each person has his way, and also the methods that work with a particular patient may not work with another patient, to deliver the person to the state of hypnosis, his brain activity must be delivered. 


Or in other words, brain waves reach the alpha state and it is used in all methods of hypnosis, whether traditional or implicit (self) How is that? Here is a simple example of that.


1 – Sit relaxed, either by stretching or a relaxed session and it helps to relax. 

A quiet, pleasant, and comfortable place, whether a room or outside, but the place must be secluded to help meditation and relaxation. 


The lighting can be dim if it is in a room or closed place and helps to relax also wearing comfortable clothes And remove anything likely to distract focus, such as a watch or shoes. 


And the presence of some lovely aromatic scents that help relax, and it must be noted that even hunger and thirst will distract focus and use methods of deep breathing assistance with instructions to start relaxation and increase it gradually.


2- Draw the attention of the conscious mind and focus it in preparation for entering the alpha state:

  • Straining the eye by focusing on a glass ball or a specific point, if it is shiny, it can stress more and provoke focus on it.
  • Stressing the mind by counting in a crappy way, for example, counting up to a hundred, but decreasing three or four numbers for each number as 94…97…100.
  • Imagination, for example, imagines a lovely place and brings up all its details and the lovely sounds that can be heard, for example, “the sound of waves if the place is a beach,” and recall the feelings that a person feels when he is in it.
  • Using a rocking chair to lose balance, but with a slight vibration to help relax.
  • Self-focus at a certain point in the void, and this type needs a lot of training to reach the limitation of thinking to the point of not thinking and meditating in the universe only, which is what yoga trainers and meditators do.


The methods are many and not limited, and more than one method can be used at one time, which increases focus and speeds up access to the alpha state.


3- When making sure of reaching the alpha state, the stage of narrating the suggestion (suggestions) comes.

i.e. conscious communication with the subconscious mind… Among the conditions of the suggestion:


  • Suggestions should have a positive and motivating feeling.
  • Defining the goal of revelation clearly, simplified and easy.
  • Being in the moment like “I am currently feeling happy, I am comfortable.”
  • Commitment, affirmation, and complete confidence that this is actually what is happening, and staying away from the compulsive method or pressure because the subconscious mind does not respond to this method.
  • Thanks and gratitude for the blessings that exist and ask for more.


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