Infidelity in marriage, Its definition and motivation

Although there is no real justification for infidelity in marriage, there are many reasons that husbands resort to justifying this cheating, for example, frustration in marriage is one of the common causes; 


The traitor may make several attempts to solve problems without success, to feel frustrated with the relationship, or perhaps the person has second thoughts about marriage, or they are jealous of the attention that is given to a new child and they do not have the skill to communicate these feelings, all of these are reasons they resort to justification.


Risk factors such as personality disorders and opportunities such as social media and weak boundaries can increase your incidence of infidelity in marriage. In this article, we will look at several risk factors, causes of cheating, and other details of infidelity.


Definition of infidelity in marriage

There is no unified definition of marital infidelity nor a specific situation that is considered treason, as it differs between spouses and even partners in a relationship,


so infidelity is considered to break a promise to remain faithful to a romantic partner, whether that promise is part of marriage pledges or a special agreement between two life partners, Or presumably unannounced.


Some insist that emotional trust in anyone other than your partner is a betrayal. Research shows that such “emotional infidelity” tends to be more alarming for women, while men consider sexual interaction to be a greater crime. 


In surveys, partners’ definitions of what constitutes treason very Sentimental on a large scale, which leads to misunderstanding, but the feeling that a partner may become more devoted to someone other than himself is central to worrying about emotional infidelity.


Wife’s betrayal motives

Infidelity is one of the saddest things that you can face in a romantic relationship. Here is the reason why a wife is motivated to be unfaithful and head to another relationship with a partner other than her husband.


  1. Lack of love

Feeling that your partner is not the right person for you, you no longer feel passionate or even falling in love, portraying the relationship as boring or stagnant, so the lack of love is a strong motive for marital infidelity.


  1. Sexual desire

Feeling dissatisfied with the sexual life you are leading in your relationship, perhaps because your partner has lost interest or that you want to try something new that your partner cannot give you.


  1. Neglect and infidelity in marriage

Feeling that your partner is not paying you enough attention or not spending enough time with you. “I don’t feel appreciated.”


  1. The current situation

When you are in a different place or not quite the same, perhaps when you are on vacation or under great stress, you may have a temporary drive for sexual exploration that will not necessarily be part of your daily sedentary behavior.


Significant events can lead women to infidelity, too. One study found that “people who are 29, 39, 49 and so on may seek an affair as they enter a new decade to find meaning in their lives.


  1. Anger

Usually, the wife resorts to revenge after anger at her partner who had previously betrayed her, so she wants to do the same so that the other party feels the same angry feelings.

Infidelity in marriage, Its definition and motivation

Betrayal of the husband

There are clear signs through which the wife feels that she has been exposed to marital infidelity, and she tries to make sure a lot and learn how to act wisely in this matter, so we will explain to you the signs of betrayal of the husband:


  • If he lies a lot about most of the things
  • If he is a selfish person and prefers his affairs to many, even those closest to him
  • When  you feel selfish in an intimate relationship, he doesn’t care about your pain or your sexual desires
  • If he was a multi-relationship person before marriage
  • When he’s not longing for your intimate relationship, though it’s been so long
  • If he suddenly refuses to wear a wedding ring


How to be smart if you discover a betrayal?

If you discover your husband’s betrayal, do not make any decision at that moment, given the feelings of distress and anger that will drive you to wrong behaviors, that increase the problem and not solve it.


First, you must determine the causes of the betrayal and what motivated your husband to do it, where you going through a period of emotional cold or a turbulent period in your relationship, or he loves multiple relationships, all of this will determine the way for you to deal with the problem, but in the end, make sure that betrayal is the husband It has nothing to do with a mistake that you commit in the marital relationship, some men prefer to escape from the problem, without confrontation and working to solve it.


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