It’s not tiring to give love, but to be disappointed

Disappointment is something that is hard in the long run, besides being tiring, it ends up suffocating us from the inside and destroying our dreams.

Nobody can get tired by giving sincerity and love to someone who does not recognize the effort and the details.

It’s not tiring to give love. What plagues the morale are the emptiness and disappointment felt in these relationships.

It’s all well and good to say that you have to “give love without counting”, but you still have to be more precise with certain details.

Giving maximum love to those around us is something good, but you have to be aware that there are limits, depending on the reactions of other people.

Some people think that it is normal to receive favors, kindness, attention, flattery, and tenderness.
But often, these people forget that a relationship is a continuous exchange where we give ourselves and where we offer equitably.

Unconditional love is, surely, something truly respectable.

To be disappointed is tiring and extinguishes love

The disappointment is tiring and makes us aware of things. However, until this moment arrives, we go through several complex and emotionally difficult phases that make us ask many questions about many things.

It is important to note that a disappointment is not necessarily the first step towards a breakup.

Sometimes disappointment allows us to look at things with greater realism to undertake more serious and mature changes.
Let’s look at this in more detail.
To give an example, this is what you feel for your children. It is an impassable pillar that we support and that we highlight.

Now, “unconditionality” in itself is a dangerous terrain for many people.
However, this can not always justify continuing to give love, affection and respect when we do not receive it ourselves.

Often we suffer contempt and betrayal, and it is this usual aspect in effective relationships that we want to deal with in this post 

When love is blind and disappointment helps us open our eyes

In youth when we live in love, we idealize the other so much that we see no defect and we put on a pedestal with a lot of excess.
  • Everyday life shows us little by little that there is no perfection, and that it is neither good nor bad. Seeing reality in the face is a suitable way – and necessary – to better confront a relationship.
  • Our spouse, just like us, is not perfect, let alone foolproof. We make mistakes, we all have fancies, and many faults.
  • These first disappointments must open our eyes to realize that for the relationship to flourish, everyone must invest equally.
The deficiencies are corrected, the errors are used to learn and the defects are harmonized with those of the other.

This disappointment that tires us and hurts us

There are facts, details, words and actions that open our eyes and show us, with a little astonishment and disappointment, that a person was not as we thought.

It is also likely that she was never as we thought because love tends to idealize the character of people.

Love should never afford to have eyes closed. The most complicated part of all this is that when we talk about emotions, we enter a field where everything is very complicated to control.

We can accept a disappointment, we can forgive an error, and even 5. But when it is reiterated and the pain caused is not taken into account, we are obliged to make a decision.

The continuous disappointment is tiring but also hurts and destroys our self-esteem. This is something we should all know.

I am worn and tired by so many disappointments

We must not come to these extremes. When the heart is too worn and tired in the face of so many disappointments, it goes out or it accepts this situation and surrenders.

We should never fall into those situations in which we accept and tolerate disappointments to the point of thinking that all of this is “normal”.

It does not matter whether these relationships are between partners, relatives or children. If there is no respect and there is a will to hurt for no reason, this is the moment when you must react with firmness.

It’s better to know how to do it from the first disappointment. Once we are aware of a reality, we must know how to confront and explain that we have been harmed and that this is not how we build a relationship.

If something is bothering you, give it a name and express it. If something disappoints you, demonstrate it and implement strategies so that it does not happen again.

If the disappointments continue, it’s time to take things in hand and give a sharper answer. If you do not react, you will continue to be hurt and broken.

Do not let it go and do not allow it.

In the most serious cases, it is advisable to consult a professional to find out how we can be helped in an efficient way.

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