Long distance break up, Here are 10 steps that will help you!

Long distance break up, Lovers begin their emotional relationships to last forever, betting on the strength of their feelings, and their belief that what they see in the other is very real and will never change. But emotional relationships, like anything else in life, may wilt, and then die without the owners dying, by extension.


And because the vast majority of people find it difficult for them to face the failure of emotional relationships and admit the mistake of choice, or that what previously suited them is no longer what they want now, they usually cling to the relationships that they are one of the parties to the end, not with love or desire to fix them, 


but because they are in The truth of the matter is that they are unable to give up and dispense with, and most importantly, they fear a sense of guilt that may afflict them with moments of self-flagellation and blame it that they could have been more patient with the failure of emotional relationships.


If you are a party to an abusive relationship or a relationship in which each partner wants different things, or you feel the signs of the end of emotional relationships and the feelings of love dried up inside you, or whatever the reason that prompted you to decide to leave, and you face the problem of inability to implement…


Here are 10 steps that will help you in long distance break up and explain to you how to end the emotional relationship, to move forward towards a better future, befitting you and likening you:


 Long distance break up, How?

1-Be sure of your decision

Yes, you want to end the relationship and you have your reasons, but before starting any practical step, you must first make sure that your decision was not motivated by anger or just a threat to push your partner to change. Ask yourself and answer honestly: Is there still anything that can be fixed? If you had a relationship counselor, would that set your feelings back? If your answers are in the negative, then it has been decided and it is time to implement.


2- Plan well

Do not separate from your partner on the phone, text message, or in a public place, dare to confront, give the date between you the respectable end it deserves, by choosing a place where you and your partner feel comfortable to talk. It is preferable for the place to be neutral and with privacy, and for the available time to be open, so you do not have to leave or cut off the discussion.


3- Be honest

Do not start talking when you are upset or angry, but declare your decision rationally, and most importantly, be honest when disclosing the reason for wanting to end the relationship. Speak, consistently, and without exaggeration, using assertive and unambiguous sentences so that you do not give your partner false hope about him.


4- Expect the reaction

Terminating a relationship that lasted for a long time is not easy, whether for the decision-maker, or the other party, so you must be prepared and set expectations for reactions, and there are several scenarios that your partner may resort to:


Such as if he leaves without letting you finish your conversation, or he is begging not to break up with him, or worse, to behave aggressively, so he begins to argue with you and accuse you that everything the relationship has turned into you is the cause of it. Do not be tempted by any attempt to provoke you or to discourage you from your decision, and bear in mind the reasons that prompted you to leave.


5- Talk about the future together

After you tell your partner about the separation, you may have to start another conversation about your plans for the future, especially if you have children or work together, or if one of your family members or you have mutual friends. Whether by agreeing to stay friends or get out of each other’s lives forever, plan a comfortable way forward.

 Long distance break up

6- Time to tell others

After telling your partner, it is the turn to tell family and friends, and while some will support you, anticipate the shock of others and their attempt to dissuade you from your decision, so listen to what they say well, then tell them that your decision is not emotional and that you thought repeatedly before taking it.


7- Close the door in the face of the curious

Don’t let others’ desire to know the details make you talk bad about your partner. Exposing his faults will not help you with anything. On the contrary, it may become an unnecessary obstacle for him. As long as you make up your mind and realize it, there is no need to ruin your ex-partner’s life.


8- Never suppress your feelings

No matter how your decision to leave may seem the only right solution, there will still be a choke in your heart for some time. You have left a lifetime behind, memories are not necessarily all bad and the companionship of a partner who was once your haven.


Of course, thinking about all of this will upset you and make you sad, which may prompt you to jump into your first casual relationship to distract yourself or prove that you are worthy of love. Well .. Do not do that, and make sure that you are entitled, but, naturally, you grieve me, and the most important thing is to trust that this feeling will disappear with time.


9- Watch out for the trap

After days, weeks, or perhaps months of your separation, you will go through bad and depressing moments that you will not bear alone, here you will be obsessed that ending your relationship with your partner was not a good decision and that he might deserve another opportunity, and all you have to do is call him back .. beware and do that too, Do not recoil your wounds and enter the same cycle again.


On the other hand, try to fill the gap left by your separation, with things and activities that will make you feel better, without the need to search for people to occupy that space, and make sure to surround yourself with positive people who will restore your confidence and sense of life.


10- Take all the time necessary to pass

Take advantage of being alone by evaluating what happened, and looking closely at your previous relationship to find out the flaws and what led to them. Whatever your partner is the “bad person”, you too must have failed something. So look for your flaws, and when you discover them shine a spotlight on them and try to fix them to improve your situation.


Only then will there be nothing to prevent you from entering another relationship – if a suitable one appears – that gives you the love and attention you deserve, and if one does not come, do not rush, and tell yourself that it is okay to enjoy returning to the ranks of celibacy and relieving the burdens and responsibilities of relationships.


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