Long distance marriage, 5 tips for a long distance marriage

A successful long distance marriage is based on a true and sincere partnership between two people. To reach a successful married life, time and energy must be invested, showing positivity and openness.


What is the real long distance marriage?

A long distance marriage is a real partnership between two people who choose, separately, to consciously rise above the external image that is not real and express who they are, without masks and representations.

Sometimes, the desire to “create a relationship” causes us to try to change ourselves to become the person we think we need to be to love us, be attracted to us, and want us.


For example, a man who believes that women like a tough man try to show himself as a muscular and tough man, or if a woman believes that men like slender women, she will try to adopt lightness and show herself as such even if she is not Lightness is its natural characteristic.


The important thing is that we cannot “play the game” all our lives pretending to be someone else. This image cannot remain for a long time within the private marital life, and in the end, we return to our original lifestyle, and the husband discovers that we are not like that, and this has many consequences.


5 tips for a successful and long distance marriage

1- Be as real as possible

Only a real understanding of this can lead us to act and to be as real as possible, without masks and representation, this is a high level of development, through which it is possible to build real and strong relationships that form the basis for common growth and development.


A true relationship is an empowering, accepting, and loving partnership for the husband, just as he/she is, with pros and cons. Relationships stemming from the depths, from listening, open communication, acceptance, and openness to change and develop together and separately within the private marital life.

5 tips for a successful and long distance marriage

2- Creating the desired relationship in our imagination

Try to feel the essence of the love and relationship you want. Imagine with your mind the marital relationship you want. What do you want to be in this relationship? For example love, concern, sensitivity, initiative, independence, etc.


How do you want to feel? What quality will you add to the relationship? For example love, depth, partnership, etc.


Create the essence of this relationship in your mind, feel it as if it has already existed in your life. Feel this feeling as something tangible and real. How do you feel?


3- Solving problems in different relationships

If you feel that something is “stuck” in the sphere of your marital relationship, and despite the attempts, you are unable to form the relationship you want, check carefully whether there is any problem in your relationships that has not been resolved, which exhausts your energy.


This could be a relationship with parents or children, a relationship with an ex-boyfriend. Every relationship that is important to you has problems that drain your energy and hinder your pursuit of a new relationship.


To complete the “purification” of such a relationship within the private marital life, a conversation can be made to complete or clarify, if this is not possible for you, try writing a letter detailing everything that comes to your mind about the relationship with him, all that you wanted to say to him in the past and did not say it. Express in this message your feelings, anger, or love, even if you never give the message to him, as writing will enable you to clean up and complete the relationship on your part. Even if it’s only one side at the moment, you can save energy this way.


4- Investment of time, energy, and focus

Invest the time, energy, and focus to create the relationship you want. Time must be devoted to creating a focused and clear intent about the core of the relationship you want, time to examine and abandon what has not worked for you so far, time to meet, hang out together or entertain. Invest energy and work, be ready for social gatherings, dating sites, workshops, get out of the house, go out for a walk, let the opportunity reach you. For example, if you work all day until 22:00 and do not devote time and energy to social activities, dating, or any other meeting, then do not be surprised that the marital relationship is not available to you.


5- Raise the level of vitality

Pay attention if you feel alive in your life. Do you feel a kind of joy and elation? Do you do the things you love?


Surrounded by people encouraging and supporting you? If you feel not lively enough, unhappy, and dissatisfied – invest in raising the contentment and positivity in your life.


As you lift yourselves, you will be full of energy, creativity, and vitality, you will feel good about yourself and more people will be attracted to you.


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