Long distance relationship, Common pros, cons, and characteristics!

A long distance relationship where you miss your best friend. In this article, we have compiled a list of the pros and cons of it, the characteristics of long-term relationships that lead to a breakup, tips on how to make your relationship work even when you are apart, and how to get out of a long distance relationship. Whether you are in a long-term relationship or plan to do so, we hope you find it helpful.


What is a long distance relationship?

Long-distance relationships are a classic setting for romantic dramas and romance novels.

Although there is no clear definition, the status of an aromatic relationship while living at a distance makes it difficult to meet casually, and according to one survey, couples feel that they are in a “long distance relationship” when they have traveled more than two hours to meet.


There are two patterns in how these long-distance relationships began

  • A long-distance relationship status from the start.

This is the case where you met somewhere far away in the first place and then directly got into a long-distance relationship. Reasons for meeting someone, for example, studying abroad, matching apps, or meeting someone on a trip.


  • A situation that was not initially a long distance relationship.

This is a situation where the relationship wasn’t long distance in the first place but then became a long-distance relationship. Triggers may include, for example, transferring a boyfriend/girlfriend’s job, studying abroad, higher education, or job search.


The advantages and disadvantages of long distance relationships

There seem to be many drawbacks to long distance relationships, but what exactly are the advantages and disadvantages?


Advantages of long distance relationships

  • It’s hard to get a relationship into trouble.
  • You can enjoy your time alone.
  • The importance of the beloved sticks to you.
  • It is my pleasure to see your lover.
  • You can experience new places and cultures with your boyfriend or girlfriend.


The disadvantages of a long distance relationship

  • It is difficult to see your lover and not know if you are in a relationship.
  • It’s easy to feel anxious and alone.
  • Small differences can easily lead to big fights.
  • Transportation and other expenses are high.
  • You never know when your long-distance relationship will end.


Although long-distance relationships have a lot of negative effects, in reality, they have many advantages such as disadvantages.


be careful! Common characteristics of long-distance relationships that lead to separation


While many couples have built a happy future after a long distance relationship, there are still couples that untangle the binary differences created by distance.

Long distance relationship, Common pros, cons, and characteristics!

Here are some of the common points of such separate couples.

What not to do during a long-term relationship: 1. Establish strict rules.

Don’t let your boyfriend or girlfriend take the lead and set the rules you must follow. Even if the other person agreed, if it was “unreasonable consent,” the mental burden of rules would gradually increase and cause a breakdown.

The most common rules are as follows:

  • Always a video call every day.
  • Send messages to each other in the morning, afternoon, and evening.
  • When you can take a day off, your date schedule is your top priority.


What not to do during a long-distance relationship: 2. Insufficient communication

At first, she calls every day, but that’s down to two or three times a week, and she begins to lack communication. If you don’t see each other face-to-face and don’t call or text you enough, you may not feel appreciated, and you may lose the meaning of your relationship.


Even if you are busy, you should still be in close contact with him/her, and if you don’t, the distance between you will only make you feel more uncomfortable.


What not to do during a long-term relationship: 3. Excessive anxiety

If your boyfriend or girlfriend is too anxious, a long distance relationship will not work. Even if the connection is due to anxiety, frequent contact can be a burden for the partner. For example, “Call me” or “What were you doing today?” The partner feels distrust on your part and the deterioration of the relationship between you.


What not to do during a long distance relationship: 4. You cannot have fun at once.

If your boyfriend or girlfriend is the type of person who doesn’t enjoy being alone, then the long-term relationship balance will be thrown off. If you don’t have any hobbies, you want to be with your lover all the time, or you feel lonely when you are alone, be careful.


Even though you love them, you may choose to break up with them because you cannot stand alone.

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