Broken relationships and low self-esteem go hand in hand

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In today’s relationships, self-esteem can play an important role in the success of your relationship. If you or your partner suffer from low self-esteem, many things can and will happen. You will have difficulty opening up and sharing with your lover, which will make it very difficult for your partner to connect with you. If you are building an imaginary wall around you and keeping everyone at a safe distance, there is a good chance of you having a broken relationships.

What should you look for in someone’s self-esteem and how can you break your relationships?

Poor estimation can ruin your relationship, so let’s examine the 8 most common symptoms.

1-worried about the future or the past

The number one reason is if someone is always worried about the future or the past. They can’t live in the moment. Generally, someone with low self-esteem will act that way because he thinks he doesn’t deserve to be happy so that they will always relive their past, usually something that happened very negatively or will look to the future in various situations that may or may not to happen. If you are that person and start feeling like you’re starting to relive the past or focus on the future, focus on breathing. The funny thing happens when you focus on breathing, you have to be in the right time to do it.

2-feel that there is an injustice to them

Another sign of low self-esteem is when someone always tries to get something they can’t reach or feel should be there. They feel that there is some injustice towards them and they feel like they don’t deserve what someone else might have. The first step in this case is to learn to appreciate what you have before you can get something you don’t have. So change your vision and start giving gratitude to others for what you have.

3-destroying your own success

The next one is destroying your own success. Can you say, what do you mean? Well, someone who suffers from low self-esteem may feel that they don’t deserve any success, so when they reach their goals, they will do something to destroy it. This can only change if you change your habits. Surely it seems a lot easier than it is, but it certainly can be done. Start by becoming aware of what you are doing and take it step by step.

4-To kneel all the time may cause broken relationships

Someone who suffers from low self-esteem can even kneel all the time. What I mean is that they could constantly say, I’m not good, I don’t deserve this, I can’t do it etc. Everything is always negative and I’m not talking about the person who claims to have failed the school test every week. I only go out with an A every time (my wife drives me crazy). In order to help yourself here, you need to monitor your self-talk. The way you express your response to the comments you make. Example could be instead of saying “I could never get this”; you could say “until now, I never had this”. This makes your statement a little more positive.

5-difficult to open up and have a healthy relationship.

Do not become very intimate with your partner and do not open it up with others at a deeper level. They usually don’t feel good about themselves, which makes it very difficult to open up and have a healthy relationship. They are afraid of getting hurt if they open up, they fear that they will be left out or abandoned, generally caused by past relationships. And they usually feel that they cannot or do not deserve to be love. If this is the case, it’s time to take a look at yourself and figure out what you think of yourself, chances are you don’t think much and you have to change it immediately.

6-A workaholic could be someone with low self-esteem.

They will use work as a way to avoid having to share their feelings and spend endless hours at work. If you are constantly busy at work but not happy, take a break, it could also be a day of rest just to reflect on who you have become and what you really want.

7-things at work are not good

Have you had more than 2 jobs in the last 12 months? More than 4, 6. You are likely to have problems with low self-esteem. You could try to find reasons why things at work are not good for you and you think the grass is greener somewhere else. If you look around, the people you know who have been at the same job for 2, 3 could even be 4 years old, how are they doing financially? I’m usually in good shape. Someone, who jumps from one job to another, is usually late with his bills. So you need to understand what makes you feel that way because you will be in the same position in five years that you are today.

8-Addiction causes broken relationships

The last one I will share with you today is anyone who is addicted to some kind of drug. Now the drugs can be in many different ways. It can be food, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, sex, money management or even anger are symptoms of low self-esteem. Anyone with an addiction like this cannot have a healthy relationship. An addiction is simply covering uncomfortable feelings. For a moment we may feel better but, in the long run, you are destroying not only your relationship but also yourself. As with any addiction, the first step is to recognize the problem. Once you do that, you will be able to start recovery.

If you find yourself identifying with one or more of the symptoms listed above that makes you havr broken relationships all tha time, take appropriate measures to help you overcome low self-esteem.

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