Causes of marital happiness

To achieve marital happiness, spouses must look at marriage from all sides, and they must strive by all means to obtain it, as it is the basis for a successful marriage, and among these reasons or ways to achieve it, we mention the following:


Causes of marital happiness

1. Determine the couple the goal of marriage.

2. Spouses know that marriage is a great responsibility, they cooperate with each other, and by it they sacrifice in order to obtain happiness.

3. The spouses do not hide their faults from each other, and that they agree on everything before marriage, such as the place of residence and work.

4.The realization of the spouses that they are not the same person, and that each one of them has a different personality from the other, even if there are many signs of agreement between them before marriage. 


And they must find solutions to their differences that may occur, and avoid their disagreement by discussion, and not to provoke anger between them, and that each of them accept suggestions And the opinions of the other, and to always use the culture of dialogue.


5. Carelessness and prudence in choosing a life partner so that it is what each of them desires, and this, in turn, achieves marital happiness.

6.The time that the spouses spend together has an effect on the success of their marriage and brings them marital happiness, and this time must be accompanied by doing everything that satisfies both parties.


Other Causes of marital happiness

The support that the husband provides to his wife, and that the wife provides to her husband, has a great impact on achieving marital happiness and in the success of the marriage, and thus this achieves satisfaction between them.

  1. Positive and sound behavior that a husband or wife performs towards each other has a role in achieving marital happiness, which enhances and strengthens the relationship between them.
  2. The environment surrounding the couple has an influence on their relationship. Psychological well-being has a close role in obtaining marital happiness.
  3. The means of communication between spouses has a great role in achieving happiness between them, and makes the marriage successful.
  4. External support has a role in making the spouses’ relationship successful, and thus achieving happiness for them.
  5. When spouses forgive each other and forget their mistakes, their marriage will be successful. Sympathy between spouses has a role in bringing happiness between them.
  6. Mutual respect between spouses has a role in bringing happiness to both spouses.


The impact of marital happiness for spouses

Marital happiness is linked to many things, including its connection with the amount of time that both parties spend together, as increasing it increases some of the things that lead to achieving happiness. Marital happiness brings many positive things to the spouses, which are directly reflected in them and their children, and make them better. Among these effects we mention the following:

  • Marital well-being, which brings them a feeling of comfort.
  • Success in various aspects of life.
  • Make married life beautiful and positive.
  • Provide spouses with mental and physical health, and help in the healthy development of children as well.
  • It increases love, trust, honesty and mutual respect.


In order to increase the effect of happiness, spouses should try to do the following:

  • To read specialized books, and to watch various episodes on the topic.
  • To read websites specialized in the same topic.
  • And To learn from the experiences of others, and to renew the things that bring them happiness.
  • To change some of the inappropriate characteristics in them.
  • To overcome the challenges they face to make their family happy.
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