Mentally abusive relationship, 7 signs you’re in a mentally abusive relationship

Human relationships in general and emotional ones, in particular, are an important thing in all of our lives, as – if it is a healthy relationship – it reflects on our lives positively and provides emotional and psychological stability and increases a person’s ability to effectively face life’s difficulties, but entering into a mentally abusive relationship can destroy you, lose your confidence in yourself and consume you. Your energy is unimaginable, and in many cases, it causes many psychological problems .. These are signs that you are in a mentally abusive relationship and you should get away immediately.


1.He criticizes you all the time

Of course, no person is perfect, and we all need a close person who looks at our actions and guides us to the right thing gently most of the time and harshly sometimes, but for the criticism to be stinging and continuous all the time, this means a big problem, and with its repetition, it may affect your confidence in yourself and your acceptance of it. If all your actions are based on Their difference and diversity, the subject of severe criticism from your partner, this does not bode well at all.


2.It cuts you off from the world

Your whole life revolves around one person, you suddenly turn away from the people close to you and the activities you love, and this is not healthy at all, and often the other party has a full life but forces you to be satisfied with it, motivated by love or jealousy or not accepting it for your family and friends .. all harmful signs It harms your life on all levels … and love never contradicts the existence of personal spaces.


3.Don’t know yourself

It is natural for the emotional attachment to create some difference in the way of life because you are two different people, and each of you must try to suit the temperament and preferences of the other side so that you can continue together, but that there are drastic changes in the life of one of you without the other, and one party controls the preferences of the second, and tells him What does he do and how? Suddenly the second finds himself a completely different person, with convictions and actions that do not express him, so inevitably there will be a point at which everything collapses, but you have lost yourself. So do not accept the controls that make you another person.

Mentally abusive relationship, 7 signs you're in a mentally abusive relationship

4.Does not support you

The best thing about a romantic relationship is that a partner is the first person to come to your mind when something good or bad happens to you, and you yearn to tell him and involve him in your matter, but in the case of mentally abusive relationship the matter is completely different, you think more than once before telling a partner, for fear of criticism Minimizing, ridiculing or frustrating your morals .. Love means that we support those we love at all times and be a port of peace for each other, not to be a source of anxiety and anticipation.


5.Do not make an effort

All relationships are made up of two parties that take care of each other, and it is normal for disputes to occur, to discuss and try to solve them, but when the effort is all exerted by one party only, it is he who raises the existence of the problem and tries to solve it, he is the one who searches for ways to revive the relationship, and offers love and support, He always cares about the details of the other and finds time to share his moments with him. Here the relationship begins to shift towards harm, there is a balance that is executed and the giving party begins to take from his energy without getting any interest or feelings in return, and thus the balance is completely disturbed.


6.Doubt and fear

Healthy jealousy is one thing and suspicion is another thing altogether. It is very difficult and cannot be tolerated. A healthy relationship must be based on trust and lack of fear and not permanent suspicion and living in hiding.


7.You feel miserable all the time

A healthy relationship should give you a measure of happiness and psychological stability even if it is not without problems, of course, but mentally abusive relationship, on the contrary, you always feel unhappy, meeting your partner is heavy and full of disagreements or complaints and complaints, and you do not find yourself in his eyes as you wish .. Do not waste more time on that draining relationship, save yourself from it with the least losses, and do not hesitate to seek psychological support to return to your balance again.


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