Personal Motivation: Using Action Research to Build a Mind Movie

Mind movie  for personal motivation

Need to feel a little more motivated about your life? Personal motivation is a challenge for anyone to keep up as we move through the Western world’s hectic life. One of the most fun things you can do for yourself is to take a few hours and build a mind movie. What is the mind movie? It’s a moving video presentation that makes use of both words and pictures to help you visualize your dreams. Coined by a company in Australia, the term has become ubiquitous on the web for visualization processes that work with the law of attraction. You don’t have to believe in the power of your mind, however, to appreciate the upbeat feeling that you get when you watch one of these short videos. This article uses action research and takes you through three quick steps (discovery, measurable action, and reflection) to build a mind movie utilizing the technology of ANIMOTO.


What are your dreams? Can you picture what you want in life? The first step is to discover the fullest extent possible of your dreams. Because we spend so little time dreaming, we lose sight of all the grandeur we can imagine, and if we can’t believe it, we can’t bring it into our lives.

A great beginning is to surf the web with screen capture software available. That way, you can copy it over to your mind movie folder whenever you find an image that you like. Remember this is for personal use, so these clips won’t run up against copyright protections — click away to your heart’s content and enjoy the process. Push your discovery to new heights and dream big! Allow yourself to envision your home, family and friends, work, travel, sports, physical health, clothes and appearance, all the little aspects of your life, and find photos that give you those good feelings when you look at them.

Measurable Action

The second step is to develop words and phrases to clarify the essence of what you are building. You can choose to do this as an affirmation that says, “I have …” or “I …” Confirmation can take them to the future, and their spirit says, “Yes, I can do it!” For others, though, the positive affirmation raises his mind instead, saying, “Wait a fool moment!” You can choose to say, “I am building …” or “… coming to my life.” The main point is that you collect words and phrases that build your heart and soul – a picture of the life you want to lead.

This step is called measurable action because first, you take action, and then you get feedback on the result of that action, and that is your measurement of success. In this case, you may not want to show your mind movie to others, or if you did, they would not be the ones who could give you accurate feedback. This is all about you and your dreams; therefore, you need to sit with your positive feelings statements and pictures, run through them a few times, and honestly evaluate whether or not they raise your level of happiness or excitement about life.

Repeat these actions of building words and pictures, words, and pictures until you get a definite YES when you ask yourself whether or not this series is motivating to your soul.

Step three is to build the mind movie, and for that, I recommend the video capture software available through the web-based company ANIMOTO. I discussed in-depth in a product review in another web location that ANIMOTO has a free 30 seconds option or an unlimited option for time if you pay a small yearly fee. Given the fact that I like to do videos of family pictures for gifts, I chose, and have never regretted, the paid access. The great thing about ANIMOTO is not just their fantastic video bleeds and animation, but also the fact that they have full rights to a great selection of the music that you blend in for the background if you want to use your music that’s available too.

Nevertheless, however you do it, you need to be building a way to quickly watch and appreciate your words and pictures as they flash by you, reminding you of the wonders of the life you have and the potential joy of the life you’re moving on to live.

Reflection The last step is perhaps the most important, watch the video regularly (at least once but preferably twice a day) and then reflect on its long term effect. At the least, you will feel better, but I believe it will go much deeper than that. I think that you will consistently feel better, lighter, ready to take action on your behalf. This is a great tool, and all of us should likely be using it more.

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