My boss hates me. How do I deal with that?

My boss hates me. How do I deal with that? Professional relations between the manager and employees are built on the basis of affection and respect, and cooperation hand in hand for the sake of the success of the work, and its further development and growth.


Sometimes those good relationships grow and turn into a strong friendship that is punctuated by feelings of love and familiarity, and pushes employees to win the love and satisfaction of their manager.


In return, he reciprocates those feelings, treats them kindly and is proud of their achievement, and does not underestimate or transcend them, no matter how great his position.


In addition to supporting them in all respects, extending a helping hand to them, and trying to make them love working with him, and thus the fruits of those good relations appear on the performance and mastery of the work.


The employee’s love for his manager, will make him feel satisfied and give him a strong motivation for sincerity in his work, commitment to his orders, and performing his duty to the fullest with perfection and professionalism, and this is what a successful manager seeks


My boss hates me. How do I deal with that?

There are some things that strengthen the relationship between the manager and his employees, including the following: 


Diligence at work

as the employee’s diligence in his work is evidence of his respect for his manager, and his desire to win his affection, and diligence is in the following ways:


  • Respecting time, arriving on time, and not wasting time while working in personal conversations with others.
  • Completing the work with a smile and optimism, not complaining about tasks and duties, and avoiding complaining without benefit, as it broadcasts negative energy around him, and shows the manager his dissatisfaction and love for his work.
  • Performing the job with honesty, integrity and commitment, and sensing the manager’s control during his presence and in his absence.
  • The desire to grow the work, increase its effectiveness and build it, and reach a higher level and higher efficiency with the support of his manager and colleagues.


My boss hates me. How do I deal with that? Good communication

The Good communication appears to the employee as a means of bringing him closer to his manager, and strengthening the relationship between them, through the following manifestations:


Good communication with the manager:

Good communication between them is through the following points: 

  • adapting to the manager’s method, his own style of work, knowing his priorities and trying to achieve them as much as possible, for example, it may be preferable to remind him of some work matters by sending an email with it, rather than a phone call, which may not He can answer it because he is busy.
  • Talk to him regularly, create a meaningful dialogue between them, and work to convince him when discussing and gain his admiration, provided that you do not disturb him and gossip in an exaggerated manner, or interrupt him during the conversation, and show him the etiquette of dialogue.
  • To be honest with the manager and credibly inform him of work developments, gain his trust, and avoid cheating in order to appear as a distinguished employee, or work to distort the image of other colleagues in order to gain his love and affection.


Communication with co-workers:

The president’s affection may be due to his admiration for the employee’s gentle way of dealing with his colleagues, his use of the polite method in dialogue with them, his assistance when needed, his enjoyment of team spirit, and the ability to cooperate with them, especially when facing difficult circumstances at work, and making his success and progress their priority.


Mutual respect 

Mutual respect is the basis for successful relationships, and a strong reason for affection and familiarity between the manager and his employees, and between co-workers, and it expresses one’s good morals and good upbringing.

  • Avoid conflict with the manager, despite the difference in opinions or tasks, but listen to him politely and use intelligent and purposeful discussion; To convince him calmly and smoothly.
  • Self-control and speak in a polite manner with him, and not rush to try to prove himself, or force him to recognize the employee’s achievements or good performance, but let him discover that over time, with diligence to impress him, and choose the appropriate time to talk to him about the matter.
  • Apologizing from the manager when wrong or negligent in work, or from colleagues, apology is a refined culture that indicates a person’s nobility and good morals, and does not affect his pride, and it is a reason for his love and admiration for him.
  • Commitment to the promises that the employee makes to his manager, whether they are by diligence at work or by accomplishing something outside of it.


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