My declaration of responsibility in the face of life…

woman with a book

1- I accept completely and without any hind thought that everything that has happened in my life, and what is happening right now in my existence, and anything that can happen in the future provides me with valuable opportunities to learn and grow.

No one else is to blame for the negativity or pain that the emotional nature is experiencing.

I will not seek any exception to this belief, even when the apparent cause of my problem is totally independent of me.

2 – I will seek to always assume my full responsibility, while refusing guilt.

Rather than looking for excuses for what is wrong, I will try to understand what is going on, and then look for ways to correct the situation.

I assume full responsibility for my choices.

I assert that no person or situation can make me feel inferior, rejected, inadequate without my consent, and that I have the free choice to give or deny this contentment.

3 – I reject random belief, which is one of the main mechanisms of disempowerment in our culture.

I am aware that I create my own reality by my way of welcoming and interpreting the events of life.

I will systematically seek the means and the solutions rather than the excuses and the shelters.

I will choose openness and risk rather than passivity and security.

4 – I choose to respect myself totally, in all circumstances, whatever mistakes I may make, and to accord that same respect to every form of life – human, animal or plant – that I meet.

5 – I say yes to life, Yes, Yes and again yes.