My husband’s drinking is ruining our marriage, The downsides of that

My husband’s drinking is ruining our marriage, A research published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs in 2014 entitled “National Epidemiologic Report on Alcohol and Associated Conditions1” aimed to compare the divorce rates of couples of which either or more were diagnosed with an alcohol use disorder (AUD), relative to couples without this disease.


The findings revealed that divorce rates for those respondents with AUD were considerably higher: 48.3 percent vs. 30.1 percent. During the interval between the first round of data processing and the second, three years after, these marital dissolutions occurred.


My husband’s drinking is ruining our marriage, Does alcohol addiction affect marriage?

Alcohol affects marriage not only, but it will affect how and who we marry.


One 2018 research 2 showed that children are more likely to get married before the age of 25 with parents with alcohol issues. A 2011 study 3, however, proposed that alcohol dependency could delay women’s marriage during their 20s. Similarly, for males beginning at age 30, dependency postponed marriage. While these people later married, they were divided or divorced earlier as well.


Struggling with your own addiction to alcohol might even make you more likely to marry a related person. Study 4 in 2003 showed that alcoholics prefer to marry other alcoholics.


My husband’s drinking is ruining our marriage, Why Consumption of Alcohol and Addiction Can Affect Matrimony?

A couple can concentrate many of their dates and social experiences on activities that involve indulging in alcoholic drinks in the early courtship process. Alcohol is so profoundly rooted in most social events and holiday celebrations in our society, that alcohol consumption by a couple is usually not a concern during these early dating years.


Later, however, one or both partners can increase their alcohol consumption as a way to manage their everyday stress after marriage, career, and family life start to get more demanding and stressful.


When either or both parties develop AUD as a result of chronic, growing consumption of spirits, alcohol becomes harmful to a marriage. The level ingested assumes the same trend, resulting in overdose or addiction, as resistance ramps up.


My husband’s drinking is ruining our marriage, Here 8 Harmful Marital Consequences of Substance Misuse

There are several harmful alcohol abuse signs that can wreak havoc on a marriage.

  • Life Sex

It is well documented that alcohol can reduce testosterone, a hormone that is critical in men for libido and sexual arousal. This may add to disinterest in one’s relationship. In addition, a report 6 from 2016 showed that alcohol has a detrimental impact on the quality of sex for both men and women.


  • Detachment and unavailability of feelings

Alcohol may be called a social lubricant, but excessive consumption can induce relationship separation. When the condition becomes unmanageable, both partners can begin to emotionally withdraw. One small research 7 showed that in verbal words, men with AUD have trouble understanding thoughts. They had a diminished capacity to display remorse as well.

My husband's drinking is ruining our marriage, The downsides of that

  • Irresponsibility and unreliability are growing

They will become more reckless and unstable as a person gets further into their addiction. They can struggle to sporadically follow up with family responsibilities or complete assignments, weakening the trust of their partner in them and their willingness to rely on them.


  • Job Issues

Continuing from the last topic, that could bleed into their job if alcohol begins to make a person unreliable. Due to hangovers, they can often call in sick, turn up late, or not at all. They will not be able to perform adequately if they are disabled on the job, which may lead to occupational injuries and unsafe conditions. These modifications could lead to termination and place the family finances at risk.


  • Physical Health Problems

It is certainly no wonder that excessive consumption of alcohol will have a health effect. It can affect your memory, your metabolism, your weight, and raise your risk of multiple cancers. For both spouses and the family unit as a whole, this may influence the quality of life. Read 12 Unexpected Ways to Impact Your Safety with Alcohol.


  • Loss of Personal Maintenance importance

Drinking can limit the commitment of individuals to many facets of life, including appearance and grooming. This could result in enhancements such as a dishevelled look, or health implications such as weight gain.


It may cause depression or make symptoms worse, because alcohol is a depressant. A partner may find that their mate is being more pessimistic and hard to be with. “Even though they are not violent, repeated off-putting remarks may be made by a “angry drunk”.


  • Increasing Other Partner’s Alcohol Use

Analysis reveals that couples can affect the drinking habits of each other. According to one report, once a woman began to drink heavily, her husband was almost three times more likely to increase his consumption. Similarly, if their husbands did so, women were twice as likely to drink more. The upside is that making adjustments to your alcohol arrangement will benefit both of you.


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