Narcissistic woman in relationship, And Its Characteristics

The narcissistic woman in relationship faces many challenges, so it needs more effort and determination to make it succeed through each party’s understanding of his duties towards the other before his rights, and in normal cases when the spouses are on a high level of psychological and emotional balance, they can establish a truly reciprocal and supportive relationship, but the wife is prepared. Narcissism is one of the fragile characters who need to know the husband how to deal with it.

Characteristics of a narcissistic woman in relationship

  • She is that wife who does not have sympathy for her husband, all the time she wants the husband to talk about her beauty and appearance, and her marital life is not straightforward without the appreciation that she expects from the husband, whether financially and morally.
  • Criticizing the husband all the time, she uses what the husband tells her against him in quarreling situations as a weapon with which she defeats the husband in a psychological battle that she wants to emerge victorious from.
  • She tells the husband that he represents everything in her life, and if he limits anything, she denies him everything that he has given her.
  • She feels jealous of the success of those around her among her family or from among her companions among their companions, and she may feel jealous of his success personally, as she does not see that the success of the husband may mean the success of the family as a whole, so she looks only for itself.
  • In front of the people, the narcissistic wife purely treats her husband, showing how happy she and her husband are, so that men who see her are jealous and envy that husband for a wife they all wish their wives to be like her.


Narcissistic woman in relationship and self-exaggeration

Can a wife with a narcissistic personality be a party to a successful marital relationship? Can you relate to a husband in a relationship based on love? Answer: No, why?


The narcissistic personality has not learned how to love, just as the fragile, ailing, self within her does not look for another except to maintain the false fortitude and balance in front of others, meaning that she says to everyone: 


“Here I am getting married like the rest of humanity”, and appears in front of everyone as the best wife and lives the most relationship Mostly successful, it is associated with this narcissistic wife, a person accustomed to accept this behavior as a result of growing up in a family in which one of the parents was a narcissistic person, so he used to be an extension of a narcissistic self that nourished her desire for admiration and self-exaggeration.

Narcissistic woman in relationship and Intimate relationship

This relationship forms a large part of the success and stability of marital life, it is a relationship that carries many meanings through moments in which the boundaries dissolve to reach the height of intimacy, and this means love, mutual trust, closeness, trustworthiness and sincerity, privacy between the two parties, respect, mutual happiness, meaning that Each of the parties can give the other happiness at the same moment. 


But the wife with a narcissistic personality is not able to live the emotional experience of clinging and cohesion, like most cases of personality disorders in which the fear of self-disclosure is manifested as a result of the structural defect in the boundaries of the self, who suffers from personality disorder He may be afraid of the real relationship with the other because it means crossing the boundaries of the fragile self and breaking into.


He originally has subconscious fears of the idea of ​​breaking into the other, as a result of factors in his upbringing in childhood and despite that, the wife with a narcissistic personality may seduce and seduce her husband because the concept of intimacy with her nurtures Self-admiration; 


Because her success in constantly seducing the husband into the relationship means for her the attractiveness and power of influence and control over the husband, the ability to lead the husband, the ability to manipulate the husband (a ring on her finger), but if we talk about the essence of the relationship, it is just a mechanical relationship in which she often does not find sensual satisfaction.


And then this wife gets used to masturbating to obtain sensual pleasure without the adventure of experiencing the experience of bonding with the other, which means breaking into the self, and this mechanical relationship results in the husband suffering and depressed if he was a romantic sensitive and sensitive.


Extra things in the intimate relationship

He may attend the psychological clinic complaining mostly of other symptoms indicating depression and anxiety, or the spouses may come for a behavioral problem in one of the children; That is, the spouses may come due to the consequences of the loss of compatibility between them, including the effects on the children, and the role of the therapist is to examine and ask so that he puts his hand on the causes. 


There is no doubt that treatment in this case carries many challenges for the therapist because he is well aware that the husband’s always acceptance of the wife’s seduction and her desire to enter In the relationship, it means a relationship that leads to more estrangement and frustration for the husband, and his cessation of responding to this temptation means that he stops giving the necessary doses to continue inflating the self to the wife, 


which means a massive revolution and its turn against the husband in a manner that does not bear the consequences, so most likely the tendency will be to teach the husband how to adapt and accept reality as long as he desires In the continuation of life between them for many considerations, according to his vision and evaluation of his family life.


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