“no one believes in me” Keeping Motivated when Nobody Believes in You.

It can feel like “me against the world” and “no one believes in me” if peers undermine your dreams, because we are hardwired to belong—we want peer support—and if that support is lacking, it can be the opposite of what we want.


If you have ever felt as though others were not supportive of your dreams, you’re not alone. Lots of great visionaries have endured criticism and rejection, and if others have succeeded in spite of their doubters, you can, too.


Start with these five strategies when “no one believes in me”:

  • Question the story “no one believes in me.”

Does anyone on this earth really believe in me and my dreams? Can you know for sure that “no one believes in me” on this planet ?


Sometimes the best way to set yourself free is to question your beliefs—you might find you were right along until you realized it was a self-created error. Generalizations like “no one” and “everyone” are common, but they’re rarely wise.


Sizing up the old myth that “no one believes in me,” look for counter evidence: Were there people you’ve never met who could rally around you, given the chance? Could there be someone you’ve forgotten about who believes in you?


Getting few people to believe in you is enough to make a massive impact. You don’t need everyone to believe in you.


  • Decide and prove it to yourself.

Look into the mirror and tell yourself that you can do it. How does that feel? If it doesn’t feel good to you or make you uncomfortable, then the real problem may not be what others think of you. The real problem might be what you think about yourself.


Just telling someone to “believe in themselves” does not always work. What can you do to get someone to believe? Although it can take deeper and more intensive work to let go of long-standing limiting beliefs, sometimes the solution is simple: Make a decision and back it up.


If you say to yourself, I believe in myself, it can be more powerful than just saying, I believe in myself, which could seem untrue. State both aloud and decide which one has the most impact for you.


The second part is when the magic happens. Discover why you believe in yourself: What are your talents? What have you accomplished? When did you act against your fears? Tally all of your victories, no matter how small. I guarantee that this will reinforce your self-confidence.


  • Develop the skills of influence.

Even if no one believes in you, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the doubt will remain there. People’s doubt isn’t always a reflection of you; sometimes it just means they’re not convinced yet. You have yet to convince them why they should believe in you.


So, how do you communicate your value to others? Do you?


You can make a profound difference by taking action. When you are recognized for your self-reliance, you show others, and yourself, that you are a person worth supporting.


While actions speak louder than words, someone must still be able to convince others by speaking their mind and sharing their big “why”: why do you have the dreams you have? Some of the most valuable life skills you can master are those of influence and persuasion. What motivates you? Would you mind telling me why you care so much about what you do?


When people feel your heart and commitment—along with your essence and actions—you can convey the belief you have in yourself to others. You can potentially turn your most vocal doubters into your greatest supporters, and their support can then continue to grow as your confidence grows.


When no one else believed in you, you decided to believe in yourself.

"no one believes in me" Keeping Motivated when Nobody Believes in You.

  • Celebrate The Small Wins

If no one believes in you, you have to build your own momentum. Small wins are crucial when you’re trying to accomplish something massive. While it’s easy to skip the small wins, the dopamine your mind gets from experiencing them is actually what you need.


You should write down three wins each day before you go to bed. Whether it’s hitting the gym or making a tough call or advancing towards your goal, it’s a great habit to build momentum and self-confidence.


What you can forget are your small wins as well as the fact that you haven’t achieved your current goal yet. This will lead to failure. Small wins over time lead to massive accomplishments!


  • Meet New People Regularly

If your friends and family are sabotaging your success, it’s time to change up your social group. If those closest to you don’t believe in you or your vision, they will drag you down.


While they may mean well, it won’t help you. To succeed or make major changes, you have to be surrounded by positive people all the time.If you want it enough, break the chains that hold you back and surround yourself with those who support your vision. If no one believes in you, you’re in the wrong place.


Finding people who would be able to support you and your dreams may involve finding a Facebook group, attending a seminar, or watching Fearless Motivation videos. As I began doing any of those things, I found my momentum increased and attitudes shifted dramatically.


Memorize Ray Robinson’s words: “When no one else believes in you, you are a champion.”


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