Older woman younger man relationship, Why?

Although many men prefer older women, this remains a matter of shame and a secret between spouses, especially in eastern societies where men are shy to talk about their preferences in older woman younger man relationship.


In Hollywood, there are a lot of celebrity models and duos that are separated by a time difference in favor of women, perhaps the most prominent of which is Demi Moore and her 16-year-old younger husband, Aston Kutcher.


French President Emmanuel Macron, who got to know a 24-year-old woman, who was his high school teacher and was 15 at the time, then married her, facing many stereotypes, is the most prominent contemporary model.


Why do older woman younger man relationship the most successful happen?

Psychology Today answers the reason why the relationship between an older woman and a younger man continues and flourishes in many cases, despite all the criticisms they often encounter in conservative and liberal societies alike.


Why is a man attracted to an older woman?

  • Confidence:

An older woman perceives herself well than anyone else, which helps her to reflect more self-confidence. She feels more confident in herself that she is very sexy and attractive. Also, a man loves a self-confident woman who has her own daily routine and is not afraid to express her personality in front of others. This persistence and confidence makes a man attracted to an older woman. She makes it easier to spend more relaxing time with her because she has good attitudes about life. Being confident also means that she is less melodramatic and more fun.


  • Responsible Person:

The man sees the older woman as more clear, focused, and defining exactly what she wants because she has a responsible personality. It also helps him overcome life’s difficulties and increase his self-esteem. Because she went through many life experiences that made her look so realistic.


  • Independent:

Usually most women who are older than men are happy without any conditions or restrictions. She does not need a man in her life to make him valuable for this life. Rather, she always seeks to be happy with her life on her own, as she does not need him. Men are attracted to a woman’s independent personality, especially financial and emotional independence.


  • More honest:

An older woman deals with men with a higher level of honesty and confidence than any other woman. Especially since honesty is very necessary in an emotional relationship. The older woman mastered honesty well and gives the man more confidence and respect. And this woman admires the honest man.


  • Experience and experience:

The man shows the older woman that she has more experience and experience in life. And she is well aware of adversity and bad experiences. And they know how to deal with different situations. It also feels more emotionally stable and helps a man learn more about himself and his feelings so that he is ultimately the best person.

Older woman younger man relationship, Why?

  • Better conversation:

Older women master different ways and skills of conversation with men, and this conversation becomes extremely important and meaningful, in which she engages with the man about shared experiences in life. And it does not stop talking about just life stories, learning from them and growing up together, as it talks to him about all the important matters of their life and therefore it is not just fun in bed.


  • An older woman is less selfish in bed:

The woman makes more efforts in bed to take care of her husband, and she becomes more enthusiastic in making her life partner enjoy every minute he spends with her in bed.


  • Possesses the ability to control hormones:

This is because an older woman is less prone to seizures and emotional ups and downs as she enjoys emotional stability in her life. She is always responsible for her feelings. You can control the mood swings that occur to her without causing the man any disturbing feelings.


  • Know what you are doing in bed:

The man sees that the older woman knows well what she does in bed without the need for him to talk to her about the various tricks that make him enjoy spending his time with her, but she has a few sexual tricks that include a wonderful time for her because she knows very well how to use her body to satisfy her husband.


  • She has confidence in her body:

Men are attracted to women who have real curves in their bodies and often see the elderly woman as having a perfect body. She knows very well that she has flaws, but she uses her features and the virtues of her body to make her husband happy.


  • Know what he wants in the bedroom?

The man sees that the older woman knows what she wants well, as she possesses self-awareness that comes from different experiences and experiences. And she helps him achieve what he wants from her in the bedroom without making more effort with her.


  • Realize the importance of intimacy:

An older woman realizes the importance of intimacy and its health and psychological benefits for a man. She has techniques and methods that make men feel more relaxed and comfortable with them.


  • More maturity:

One of the reasons why a man is attracted to an older woman is that she enjoys more maturity and understanding of the world around her in different ways. The older woman does not live in the fantasy world much and knows what she does in life in order to have an ideal life, she has a better outlook on life, and a man may think that a younger woman lives in a parallel world most of the time.


  • Realizes the value of love:

The man sees that the older woman does not ask him to do many things and does not fancy him more, but rather overlooks superficial matters and saves what she can to make her relationship with the man always better.


  • Not dramatic:

Many times, the man escapes from the emotional relationship because the woman has more drama because this affects the normalcy of their emotional relationships, while he sees that the older woman enjoys independence and stability and does not quarrel with him over trivial problems and thus does not bring drama with her.


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