How to solve family problems? and Other Elements of family happiness

Elements of family happiness, The family goes through several stages that cause pressure on its members. Such as the arrival of a new child, or the child going to school, or the entry of a person in adolescence, and there are also a number of changes that occur to the family and cause it great stress; 


Such as divorce, moving to a new home, or moving between different areas for work, or the travel of one of its members, or exposure to financial hardship, and the problems faced by the family can be solved through the following:


How to solve family problems?

Negotiation between family members:

This is done by assessing whether the problem is worthy of a quarrel, and determining the reasons that led to the quarrel, and consideration should be given to speaking calmly and clearly while solving the problem.


And to avoid insisting on opinions because the idea of ​​dialogue is to solve the quarrel, and it must be taken into account that the other person does not agree with Suggested opinions, however it is important to respect the views, listen to what the other side has to say, and accept differences between individuals.


Working as a team to find solutions:

It is important to clarify the views of all parties involved in solving the problem in order to reach a solution, by offering a number of solutions, being ready to make concessions to reach a solution to the problem, taking into account presenting reasons that lead the parties to choose one solution instead of another, and adhere to the correct solution. 


Listen and talk to each other:

Misunderstanding the views among individuals leads to an escalation of conflict between them, so the following must be taken into consideration:

  1. Stay calm.
  2. Putting emotions aside.
  3. Listening to the other party, understanding what he is saying, and not interrupting him.
  4. Ensure the individual understands the topic by asking questions.
  5. Communicate your point of view clearly.
  6. Not to ask unrelated questions.


Other Elements of family happiness

Justice between children:

A happy family is keen to apply the principle of equality among its children because of its positive impact on them, as this enhances the child’s self-confidence and feeling that he is a beloved child, and parents should not differentiate in the treatment of children, 


especially when one of them possesses better capabilities than the other, and it is also important Avoiding the method of generalizing punishment for all children in order to control the behavior of one of them; Because of its negative impact on children’s behavior and making them behave badly.


Involving children in decisions and hearing their opinions:

Parents should talk to their children and encourage them to share their opinions and suggestions and be taken into account.


 Perform family rituals:

According to Dr. Barbara Vessi, a professor of psychology at Syracuse University, every family needs to have its own habits and activities that its members enjoy doing, and each family may be unique from others with its own rituals, such as eating pizza on the day off, 


for example, and it is important that these activities be flexible So that an alternative can be found, for example in the event that the pizzeria is closed one day, another restaurant can be found or enjoy another entertainment activity.

Elements of family happiness

Sharing stories between family members:

It is important to share the daily events that occur with both parents and children with each other; To avoid feeling boredom that harms the relationship between parents and children, for example, after the children return home, parents can ask them about what happened with them at school, and parents can also share what they went through daily events with their children.


Establish consistent household rules:

It is important to formulate a set of rules within the family, abide by and respect them, as this reduces the occurrence of problems among its members.


Eat together:

The gathering of family members at the dining table and the exchange of conversations is an important matter in family bonding, as preparing a main meal that brings together family members is an important time for communication.


Elements of family happiness – The support:

Family cohesion must be taken care of by standing next to each other, and providing psychological support in joys and sorrows, so that everyone feels supported and loved, and can get help when he needs it.


Parents take care of themselves:

Usually, parents are concerned with caring for family members without paying attention to themselves and their special needs, but it is important for parents to take care of their own personal feelings and needs by setting aside time for rest; To restore their activity and their ability to continue their business in a better way.


Talking about family history:

Parents should tell the history of their grandparents to the children, as this makes them feel interested in all family members, in addition to reinforcing the positive self-image of the children.


Play and laugh together and activate the element of surprise:

By allocating time for the practice of group activities between members of the same family, the aim is to provide the opportunity for family members to enjoy spending time together, for example you can watch funny movies, play basketball as two teams, or exchange stories with children before bed, and prepare pleasant surprises. 


For family members it is of great importance from a psychological point of view, as it makes family members feel loved; Like going on an unexpected picnic for the children, or surprising a family member by preparing two cups of tea or coffee for the parents.



Traveling and spending family time in a place other than home is one of the best times that individuals are happy because it brings them together. Planning to go to a specific destination and visit new areas makes family members happy and enjoyable.


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