Exercises for Personality Strengthening

Heredity is a fundamental pillar in the Personality Strengthening, but the factors that a person inherits do not remain constant, but interact with the environment from the very first moment of the formation of the fetus in the womb, and thus the opportunity remains available to us to modify our behavior and correct the crooked of our personalities when we grow up, which is called (corrective self-education)


And here we mention some exercises that help to modify the wrong behavior to increase self-confidence and Personality Strengthening. Most of them are easy and simple and some may underestimate them for their simplicity but they are effective (provided that they are adhered to and repeated regularly, and the result will appear gradually)


Do not expect magic results in a day or two, as the accumulation of wrong behavior over many years needs time and patience to correct and correct it, and this depends on the extent of your desire for change and correction. Personal strengthening exercises can be divided into:


1- Physical exercises for Personality Strengthening

They include:

  1. General fitness training
  2. Motor corrective exercises
  3. Kinetic agility exercises
  4. Appropriate Profiles and Glances Training
  5. Take appropriate postures in standing and sitting


2- Effective exercises.

They include:

  1. Stress discharge exercises
  2.  Courage exercises and get rid of fears
  3. Relaxation exercises
  4. Aesthetic sense exercises


3- mental exercises.

They include:

  1. Memory training
  2. Visualization exercises
  3. Exercises to strengthen the ability to discuss


4- Language exercises.

They include:

  1. Practice reading
  2. Writing practice


5- Social exercises for Personality Strengthening

They include:

  1. Exercises to help you establish new social relationships
  2. And Exercises that help your independence
  3. Exercises to help you end bad relationships


First – general fitness training

Personal strength is closely related to public health, and these exercises help to enjoy a high physical fitness:

1- Lie on the back, then move the legs and thighs in the air (as if you were riding a bicycle) and continue until you feel tired.

2- Lie on the abdomen and place the hands on the ground, then raise the body and lower it with the two metatarsals fixed on the ground and continue this training until a feeling of fatigue.

3- Standing upright without your back being arched, then place the arms parallel to the body, start moving them in the form of a fan forward and backward several times until you get tired.


Second – Movement corrective exercises

By it, we mean correcting the wrong movements and unhealthy situations that a person has grown up in, indirectly, on his personality:

1- Correct the way you walk,

On a daily basis, you should follow a drawn or imagined line (such as walking parallel to a sidewalk, or on a line drawn on the road, or even on the lines drawn on the tiles in your home). This exercise helps to regularize the way you walk in a straight and healthy way.


2- Correction of back curvature,

 Stand with your back and legs on the wall and make your whole body glued to the wall as much as possible, keep this position for five minutes and repeat this exercise several times a day.


3- Erect stature,

Bring a chair straight back and sit on it and make your thighs in a horizontal line. They worked at a right angle with your legs and adjust the position of your back so that it is at a right angle with your thighs and stay in this position for the longest possible time.


Third – kinetic agility exercises:

Kinetic agility means eliminating all movements that are in excess of what is required, i.e. legalizing your motor performance so that it performs the purpose with the least possible effort and with the fewest possible movements, which increases your self-confidence and strengthens your personality:


1- When using hands while talking,

  • Make every movement that comes out of your hands a catalyst in communicating what you mean to those who listen to you, because frequent hand movements during speech are not desirable, and this training is useful in making your movement performance graceful while you speak:
  • Sit in front of a mirror in a closed room (or in front of a video camera, depending on your capabilities) and talk about a topic that interests you
  • Watch your movements as you speak.
  • Imagine you are speaking in a lecture or either a crowd and pay attention to your every move.
  • Try to avoid movements that you make that you find inappropriate or repetitive.
  • Repeat this training and try to create graceful balanced movements, you will find that you have gained more agility, which will raise your mentality yourself when you talk to someone or in front of a group of people.


2- Do this training in a secluded place

  • Walk imagining that you are carrying a plate full of water on your head and that you are careful not to spill water on you.
  • Keep your neck raised, chest forward, and eyes facing forward in a line parallel to the level of your gaze.
  • Repeating this training increases your agility while walking.


3- Sit cross-legged, then stand upright without resting your hands on the ground

  • Take five steps, then squat again without your hands resting on the floor
  • Repeat this exercise several times daily and you will get a lot of movement agility.


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