Platonic relationship, Definition of platonic love

Platonic relationship, although an abstract and complex subject when defining it, can be said to be that set of feelings that connect one person to another, or objects or ideas, among other alternatives.


Although love is directly related to what we might call romantic love, that is, love that involves an emotional relationship between two people, it is also true that it applies to other types of relationships such as family love. 


There is a feeling between friends and a lot of others, always In all cases, it will be a feeling that causes great affection and appreciation for the one who receives our love, without fear of exaggeration we can say that it is the strongest feeling that another person or entity can feel.


Now, once we describe it and with the clearest picture of what love is, we will deal with a form of love, popularly known as Platonic relationship.


It is perfect for being loved

Platonic love is characterized by the fact that the person he feels forms an ideal image of the person he loves without actually proving any kind of real relationship with him other than the platonic relationship, that is, everything passes through ideas, nothing is tangible in platonic love. “Juan had a platonic love for a history teacher years ago.”


Meanwhile, an idealism that is limited to the notion of perfection is the most characteristic of this type of emotion.


This unattainable love which due to different circumstances cannot be fulfilled in which there may be a sexual component, but this occurs mentally and creatively but not physically platonic love. In this form of love, the illusion is the basis on which love continues and above all, it attaches particular importance to the spiritual rather than the physical and the emotional.


Sect derived from Plato’s concept of love

The name of the concept has its origin in the philosopher Plato, for example, it is spoken by Plato.


Plato believed that love was elusive and had nothing to do with the matter but strictly with spirituality, the beauty of the soul, and the feeling of knowing the other person. For Plato, in this concept of love, neither physicality nor sexual desire has anything to do with anything.


Plato, in his famous dialogues, stated that the love of knowledge, wisdom, and beauty is what this philosopher says in the origin of love, far from all kinds of sentimental allusion. 


Plato believed that an individual would find love when he had a vision close to that in which he had a soul in which beauty was valued above all while thoughts are being contemplated, while beauty light will be found in the body of the person who loves or begins in love. 


Seeing another’s soul is what Plato considered to be a deep love.


Now, we must emphasize that over time this idea proposed by Plato hundreds of years ago became obsolete and the concept became widely used to refer to that love story characterized by the impossibility of embodying in practice, for various factors, and due to its lack of correspondence.

Platonic relationship, Definition of platonic love

We all had Platonic relationship …

Everyone who reads this article will surely remember with a smile and loving affection the platonic love they had before, because all of this was without exception, especially in childhood and adolescence where imagination, dreams, and ideals abound. 


Our favorite band singer, the actor who took us on, the older brother of a friend, a schoolteacher, are some of the many Platonic relationships that someone had.


Usually, this indestructible feeling is often accompanied by an idealistic story that is made through contemplation with this person. 


Creating a family, getting married, and even having children with platonic love, traveling around the world are among the countless stories that are usually set in our minds.


What gives her greater appeal and appeal to platonic love is the impossibility of its existence, what a paradox … 


Among some of the most common reasons for not producing this harmony, the following can be mentioned: 


difference in social classes, large age differences, such as being an adult girl A 15-year-old and a 50-year-old male, famous personalities, great geographic distances, and people in a relationship, among others.


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