Reasons why your husband may lose his desire for intimacy

Reasons why your husband may lose his desire for intimacy-Do you notice that your husband is no longer interested in intimacy, such as at the beginning of marriage? You may listen in feminine sessions to women who want to take a vacation from intimacy, and you feel that something is wrong, and you may think that you are the reason why your husband has lost his sexual desire.

The truth is, you may actually be the cause, but at a much smaller percentage than other reasons why a man may lose his desire for intimacy. The Journal of the American Medical Association published a study in 1999, the results of which indicate that 31 percent of males suffer from low sexual desire, and behind this problem are many reasons that you can know by reading the following lines.

1- Low testosterone

According to studies, about five million American men suffer from low testosterone, the hormone responsible for sexual arousal, so if you notice low sexual desire in your husband, talk to him gently about a simple blood test to check the level of the hormone testosterone.
The treatment may be hormonal to raise the level of testosterone, and the reason for the low level of the hormone may be a disease that the doctor discovers, and with his treatment, things return to normal.

2- Weight problems

In some cases, low libido in men is just a physical problem, and the biggest culprit is obesity, fat cells produce the estrogen hormone that works against testosterone, and the more obesity, the greater the estrogen hormone, and the lower the libido, and the solution, in this case, is to follow a lifestyle Healthy to reach a normal weight.

Reasons why your husband may lose his desire for intimacy

3- Pornography

Pornography is the thief of sexual desire, so the more a man becomes interested in watching pornography, the less his interest in the sexual relationship in reality. Pornography trains the brain to arousal through pictures, not the relationship itself, so if your husband is viewing such material, you have to convince him to quit it.

4- Addiction

Just as addiction to pornography leads to a loss of desire for intimacy, any other addiction to negative substances gives the same result, and addiction is not only drugs or alcohol, it may be an addiction to video games or watching television, and addiction to anything that drives your husband to refrain from practicing intimacy. Because he finds his pleasure in something else that takes away all his energy and thinking.

5- Work addiction

Reasons why your husband may lose his desire for intimacy

Sometimes the addiction is not a negative thing such as alcohol, video games, or pornography, it may be an addiction to something positive such as work because work represents a very strong temptation, because the man feels prosperous when he proves his competence if your husband does not feel competent or appreciated or The importance of his participation in the family, it is very likely that he will look for another place to invest his energy and obtain appreciation,

which is what work provides him, and thus your husband becomes addicted to his work, and his other desires, including the desire for intimacy, will decline in return.
If you notice your husband’s decreased desire for intimacy, as opposed to his addiction to work, try to show your appreciation for him as a husband, and praise for his role in the family.

6- Decreased communication and friendship between you

Marital life is not static, and it does not depend on tasks without spirit, for marital life is participation, communication, and affection, so if your relationship with your husband does not carry the spirit of friendship and closeness, your husband’s desire for intimacy will not continue after the excitement of the first period of marriage has passed.
Make sure to strengthen communication with your husband, and to create a relationship of friendship and intimacy between you.

7- Lack of respect

Constantly criticizing the husband, directing harsh and insulting comments to him, or dealing with him with disrespect in general, whether at home or in front of others, makes him feel that he is not wanted, and pushes him to flee from you, especially from the intimate relationship, so before you ask your husband about the reason for his reluctance to an intimate relationship, think about How you dealt with him, and try to correct the course of your relationship with him.