Respect in a relationship, What is the most important? Love or respect?

Some women say that love is more important than respect, and some say that  respect in a relationship is more important. Love and respect are closely related to each other so that they must be available for the success of relations between a man and a woman, whether in marriage or the work and environment.


One of them does not work without the other

A Brazilian study of the Performing Arts Department of USP Brazilian Federal University said that the presence of respect between two people does not necessarily mean the existence of love about normal relationships between people. 


And love can exist without the presence of respect, but this is only limited to the relationship between a man and a woman, because human relations between the spouses, according to the study’s opinion, if respect escapes from the window, love escapes from the door and vice versa, so the existence of one of them is not beneficial without the presence of the other.


What is the most important? Love or respect in a relationship?

The issue of love and respect in the marital and emotional relationship concerns women more than men, but some of them consider love more important, and some consider respect more important. 


To find out the truth, the study reported the results of investigations conducted by the Brazilian University on five continents through contacts with a large number of women in all parts of the world. It was found that 70% of the world’s women consider respect more important than love in a marital or emotional relationship in general for the following reasons:

Respect in a relationship, What is the most important? Love or respect?

Why is respect in a relationship most important for women?

It helps to see things from a logical angle

The study confirmed that women whose opinions were taken, that the only logic that women know more than any other logic is respect that takes them a little away from the strong passion of love and helps them to think better from the angle of the logic that they use little in emotional relationships.


It teaches a person to accept what is bad

Respect in a relationship teaches a woman to accept bad things from the other party, such as respect, to maintain friendliness and not destroy a marital relationship and waste the future of a family. If there was no respect in this situation, the woman would give up everything and disappear from the world.


People know the value of patience

He knows that the value of this patience is essential to bear many things in life. Without respect, a person would not have valued the patience he has as respect for the other or others.


Widens the margin of tolerance

Especially between men and women who are associated with a particularly strong emotional relationship. This helps solve many marital problems.


Protects marital relations

It is stronger than love that ends before respect, and therefore the long term of respect can prevent the destruction of many relationships and the return of some to each other because of the existence of respect.


Protection for women

It protects the woman from temptations that could cause a divorce and from making mistakes that could lead to the failure of her marriage.


It strengthens confidence

This includes men and women who are in a marital relationship, as for love, it cannot strengthen confidence, according to the words of a large number of women.


Respect strengthens love, not the other way around

The Brazilian study said that women around the world consider that respect is what strengthens the love and not the other way around, based on the fact that women love more and more the man who respects her.


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