Self-criticism, what is self-criticism and its importance

Self-criticism is of great importance for a person as it helps him to correct the path, deviations, and face his mistakes with great courage, and avoid repeating them again.


And we will learn through the following lines of this article the concept of self-criticism, and its importance in reforming the individual and society Just please, dear reader, to follow up.


What is meant by self-criticism?

Self-thinking meant that the individual thought very carefully about all the characteristics of his thoughts and behavior, in order to find out the negative points in his personality and then start to open the door for discussion between him and those around him about these negative points. 


And try to find Solutions for it or the individual himself begins to fix his negatives little by little, in order to correct his mistakes and avoid their repetition, and it is worth noting that the concept of self-criticism is not limited to the individual only, but extends at the present time to establishments and companies.


In order to correct Deviations and minimizing errors and losses to a minimum, and in politics, we find that some parties devote a series of sessions to criticism, during which they open the door for discussion about what they have reached in terms of achievements, 


what they have made in terms of mistakes, and whether what they have done is in line with The goals of the party or, and of course when they reach the existence of mistakes, they will not be lenient in punishing the negligent, and the people who caused them. Rather, it sometimes comes down to separating members who committed mistakes that harm the party’s interest.


And philosophy has clarified what is going on about the concept of criticism Self-criticism, noting that self-criticism is an important component One of the elements of the integrity of the mind of the individual that age seeks to establish a personality that thinks in good ways in order to fight its mistakes and get rid of them.


The importance of self-criticism

 Self-criticism is of great importance to the individual and society, because the process of self-criticism is a behavioral tool that guides the individual, and it is used to achieve many benefits for the individual and, of course, extend to society, as follows:


  1. A person relies on self-criticism in changing his personality traits and his life path for the better.
  2. Through him, a person learns about the negative features in his personality, and then tries to correct them.
  3. Moves a person from laziness, and refraining from work to success, and trying to achieve his sins.
  4. The individual reminds himself of the values ​​and good principles that raise his status.
  5. Self-criticism is a good way for leaders, and rulers can use it to correct their mistakes.
  6. Self-criticism leads societies to change and the transition from depression to prosperity.
  7. Contributes to the amendment of the wrong policies on which a number of companies and governmental and non-governmental interests are based, and to correct the course of action in them.


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