Social Anxiety – What Is It?

man alone suffering from social anxiety sitting on bench

Social anxiety is another crippling anxiety disorder that can cause panic attacks and is also known as social phobia. It is a fear of social situations and of being judged or embarrassed when we meet or talk to other people.. Social anxiety or phobia can be compared to shyness, but with a much more intense fear. Shyness becomes an anxiety disorder when being around people becomes very difficult and you can stop socializing completely or at least avoid social situations.

Symptoms of social anxiety

You may also experience symptoms very similar to those of anxiety, including tremors, sweating, palpitations. feeling of sinking or almost irresistible or running away. You may also feel like your fears are irrational and blame you for feeling that way, rather than trying to understand that your fears are a mess. This is completely normal and you should not be ashamed or embarrassed.

The emotional symptoms you may experience may include self-awareness or the feeling of failure, you can avoid social situations or isolate yourself from friends or family, and you may be more likely to abuse drugs or alcohol to give you more confidence to surprise in a social situation.

Things you could avoid or be uncomfortable with, include:

  • Being at the center of attention
  • Being presented to new people
  • Be watched by people when you are doing something
  • Meet people in Authority
  • Using the phone

Overcoming social anxiety

All these things are completely normal for those suffering from social anxiety … you are not crazy and there are steps to take to overcome all the symptoms. Try to find someone close to you for support, it can help you if you can’t avoid going out and don’t want to go alone. One really important thing is to try to avoid alcohol to give yourself Dutch courage, alcohol is a depressant that can help you at that time, but in the long run it will only increase your anxiety. I know for a fact since I used to self-medicate.

One of the first steps to overcoming social disorder is to understand your feelings and fears, reading your disorder or entering a forum for those suffering from social anxiety can also help you understand your condition. The main thing for you is to realize that you have a disorder and take steps to treat and recover it, which can be done either with therapy or using self-help as I did, and by that I don’t mean the ; self-medication.

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