Spiritual Relationship, Different Kinds of Spiritual Relationships

Spiritual relationships are relationships formed between two or more people sharing an experience of harmony, joy, understanding, and peace. In a spiritual relationship, the two people are connected to a great extent that makes them feel happy and complete in their presence with each other, and at some point in the spiritual relationship, the two parties feel as if their souls are connected, not just the mind and the heart. 


With the energy triangle (mind, soul, and body), these three energies are in the original the main generator of any spiritual relationship, regardless of whether it is a soul mate or a flame twin, which we will talk about in detail in other posts about the most important signs that distinguish this relationship. 


Therefore, if you look at any normal relationship in your life, you will find that it lacks one of these energies, that is, for example, you can find or find a person who is very suitable in terms of the mind but lacks the soul or the body and may be very suitable in terms of the body, but lacks the energies of the soul and the mind and perhaps It is very appropriate in terms of the soul, but it also lacks the mind or the body. 


To clarify more about the energy of the soul, perhaps one of you does not know the meaning of this energy. The energy of the soul is the inner energy that you touch within your first interview with someone. A need or purpose, but only because you feel it inside you and the explanation of this point is prolonged, but this is its meaning in a useful brief.
Spiritual Relationship, Different Kinds of Spiritual Relationships

1) karmic relationships

This relationship is not considered a spiritual relationship because it is considered a relationship that is not eternal and invalid. This relationship is one of the relationships that waste energy trying to maintain as it has many endless problems and it is a very tiring relationship and often dies over time. You will know who was or is still in your life in a karmic relationship as you read these lines.


The advantage of this relationship is that you will come out of it with important life lessons that will benefit you in your future life.


2) A soul mate:

It is a beautiful relationship with a person that you feel completes and helps you during the period in which he appears in your life. A soulmate may be any person you know, whether it is a friend, family member, or lover. This relationship is not perfect and is not always an energy-intensive relationship. 


Rather, it may be an energy-wasting relationship because in that relationship the two people are different, and there are problems between them also, but not like the problems of karmic relationships of course. It is not required that this relationship be eternal, the parties may leave each other after they fulfill their mission in the life of the other. And if you want to attract the desired soulmate, this is our way of how to attract the soul mate


3) twin flame:

The twin torch relationship is the best spiritual relationship ever and it is considered almost perfect. The two people in that relationship are identical to each other a lot and share everything. Problems between them are almost non-existent and do not last for long. 


In that relationship, the two parties see themselves in each other as if they are a mirror For some of them. That relationship is very beautiful and always very trucking of energy. When you find the twin flame, you will know immediately without a doubt that he is the right person. 


But that relationship is very rare and it is not required that all reach it. But for people practicing energy science they can work An exercise to attract the twin flame. I will soon be making a blog post on that topic.


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