The fear that masquerades as laziness

girl feeling laziness looks from her bedroom window

You may have felt a great deal of laziness at times when it comes to meeting your friends or attending that class you signed up for with great motivation. Part of you wants to go, but  when you get there or a few days before, laziness suddenly appears. But, what if it wasn’t laziness? Today we are going to discover the characteristics of fear that masquerades as laziness.

Many of our emotions hide behind others and confuse us. It’s as if they put on a disguise to avoid being discovered. And to prevent us from getting lost in an emotional labyrinth. If we do, if we get into their game and get lost in their reality, it’s because, in a way, we don’t know each other. In this case, we still have a long way to go before we mature emotionally.

Why do we feel laziness?

Laziness is nothing more than a way to protect ourselves and avoid doing things we don’t want to do. When the day when we have to find our friends or the moment when the class that we so wanted to take arrives, a great torpor comes over us. This is when we start to think, until we come to the following conclusion: We have accepted something that we did not really want to do.

You have to be very careful with this type of situation. If the first reaction we had was positive, and laziness arises when the moment of truth approaches,  that doesn’t mean we don’t feel like doing it: we’re running from something. Do we feel comfortable with our friends? Did something happen with them? Are we afraid to speak in public or to know new people?

Fear masquerading as laziness warns us of a possible danger, of something we don’t want to face  and that we haven’t thought about much until the situation becomes real. So, when the time draws near, a red flag rings in our mind . What’s the best thing that can happen to us not to face something that scares us and to stay out of our comfort zone? The laziness.

Laziness can turn into a trap when it tries to cover up great fear. Because expressions like “in truth, I don’t want to”, “I have to learn to say no” or “I have to be more assertive” perhaps hide an attempt to avoid something that terrifies us.

Laziness becomes a life jacket. It is a reaction to flee from fear. But we cannot fall into the trap of believing that in reality we should be more assertive with our friends and say “no” to them if we don’t want to see them that day. There is one thing we don’t want to watch. A deep fear that uses laziness so that we stay home and don’t have to face it.

Take off this disguise

There are many ways that fear can disguise itself so that we cannot detect and face it. Working with our emotions therefore helps us to leave these disguises. Now let’s see what we can do about it.

Say we had complicated relationships that ended in traumatic fashion. We find ourselves alone and we take advantage of our solitude. However, whenever our friends want to do something (they come as a couple) laziness comes over us when it’s time to go. She pushes us to stay at home.

In this situation,  we may think that we don’t want to see these people. But it may not be. For example, seeing our friends happy in a relationship can hurt us because we have only had failed experiences. Or the fact that they always come as a couple can bother us.

Although we enjoy the company of our friends very much, we are victims of an excruciating fear that we have not overcome. Because of our experiences, what we have not learned yet, fear tells us that we are going to fall back into old mistakes , or else we are going to isolate ourselves so that  we do not have to have this unpleasant feeling. 

Fear masquerading as laziness tries to hide so that we can’t take its disguise off and face it. Believing his lie for a long time will prevent us from living freely.

Fear disguised as laziness seeks to protect itself so that we cannot face it. On the one hand,  it is a protective mechanism for our mind to avoid suffering, but on the other hand, it is a limitation for our personal growth.

Let’s start doing what makes us so lazy. Let’s understand our emotions and, most importantly, ask for help. It is important to put an end to this fear which masquerades as laziness. Allowing him to continue his game will prevent us from living freely and this is totally incompatible with well-being and happiness.

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